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Tutoring & Assessing Interpreters Online Program

We’re excited to announce another round of the Tutoring & Assessing Interpreters Online program. Whether you’re currently a tutor or an assessor wanting to level up your existing skills, or have 5+ years experience as a qualified interpreter and would like to expand your services to train and assess interpreters, this qualification is your gateway to greater work opportunities.

Empowering the Next Generation of Interpreters

As the demand for skilled interpreters continues to grow, there is a parallel need for qualified trainers who can effectively assess and evaluate new talent. This course addresses that need by providing a comprehensive curriculum that covers both the theoretical foundations and practical applications of tutoring and assessing interpreters. This is not a generic assessor qualification.

Participants will emerge from the program with enhanced skills in:

  • Developing and delivering interpreter training programs
  • Assessing interpreter performance with a constructive approach
  • Navigating the complexities of online education environments

This qualification not only bolsters your professional credentials but also offers a unique opportunity to step into a role that contributes significantly to the industry. Graduates from the program will be well-positioned to take on roles within other educational institutions, course providers and if interested progress to higher qualifications as Internal or External Quality Assurance.

Join Our Free Masterclass

To learn more about what the Tutoring & Assessing Interpreters Online Program is all about, what the Level 3 qualification entails and how it can benefit your career, we invite you to join a free Masterclass hosted by Helena El Masri, the founder of DPSI Online. This session will dive into the course content, the structure of the training, and is the perfect opportunity to discover new professional pathways.

Masterclass Details:

  • Date: Friday, May 3rd, 2024
  • Time: 6:00 PM

Click here to reserve your spot and learn more!

You will be able to ask questions, interact with Helena, and understand how this qualification can be a game-changer in your professional journey.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your teaching capabilities, oversee the development of curriculum standards, or simply expand your career horizons, what this course introduces is essential for every aspiring interpreter trainer.

We look forward to connecting with you live and helping you achieve your professional goals!