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In today’s globalised world, translation skills have never been more important. As our societies become increasingly interconnected, the need for qualified and proficient translators is growing. The CertTrans exam, the newest certification within the field of translation, is a notable step towards the Level 7 DipTrans. For those eyeing this career-enhancing certification, our 10-session practical course serves as a comprehensive preparatory training for the CertTrans exam.

What is the CertTrans Exam?

The CertTrans exam is a degree-level benchmark qualification that tests a translator’s ability to competently handle written translation in different contexts. This certification, offered in multiple language combinations, covers a variety of sectors including general, business and commercial, as well as government and public services. Earning this certification not only demonstrates your translation competence but also confirms your readiness to tackle complex translation tasks professionally.

Why Prepare for the CertTrans Exam?

The CertTrans exam, with its broad coverage and rigorous testing, demands thorough preparation. Past successful candidates often attribute their achievement to diligent preparation. Moreover, having a CertTrans certification opens new career opportunities, making you a more attractive candidate for language services companies or for freelance translation work. It’s a significant step in enhancing your professional standing in the translation field.

How Our Course Can Help You

Our 10-session practical course is designed to mirror the CertTrans exam. Through 10 written assignments spanning various contexts, our course prepares you to handle the exam’s format. Further, we offer personalised feedback sessions with a tutor in your language that are tailored to help improve your translation skills, bolster accuracy, and enhance overall readability. Yes, we offer 10 feedback sessions, one for each translation you submit. We understand the demands of everyday life and have designed the course to be flexible, allowing learners to balance their preparations with their daily lives.

The Road to Success

With any certification, starting your preparations well in advance is key. We recommend starting your course at least 3 months ahead of your chosen exam date. Remember, our course is designed to equip you for the CertTrans exams, which are conducted by the CIoL. Your investment in this preparatory course signifies an investment in your skills and future career.

Ready to take your translation skills to the next level?

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