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DPSI Online has trained over 1,800 students since 2009.  Our training gives you everything you need to progress and become qualified as a professional interpreter, whatever your starting point.

Our comprehensive range of courses will allow you to further your knowledge and develop your skills from the comfort of your own home.

You will have the support of experienced and reputable professionals in your language combination.

How DPSI Online Started

Helena has been training interpreters and translators for over 20 years. She started teaching in 2000 on the only distance learning program available at the time.

Tutorials were done over the phone and all coursework was submitted through the post. This started her on the road to teaching remotely in 2005 via email and messenger. In 2009, Helena pioneered the first online training programme via DPSI Online with Helena El Masri and we have since trained over 1800 students.

Helena is passionate about providing high-quality training online as well as mentoring interpreters to become professionals themselves. This can only be achieved with adequate guidance from professionals with experience in their fields. That is why you are paired with tutors in your language that support you through your studies in most courses.

Meet The Team

We are a small dynamic team, customer centred and always ready to support students.


Helena El Masri

I’ve been training interpreters and translators for over 20 years. I started the new millennium teaching the only distance learning program available at the time. Tutorials were done over the phone and all coursework was received through the post. As you can imagine, this was very slow…

In 2005, I transitioned to teaching remotely via email and messenger. Then, in 2009, I pioneered the first online training programme via DPSI Online with Helena El Masri. We started with one group of 12 DPSI Law students and fast forward to 2023, we have trained over 1800 students in over 90 languages.

Helena is passionate about training professionals and helping them achieve their best potential. She creates courses and delivers qualifications that educate and empower interpreters to deliver high standards every time they go for assignments.

Project & Ops Manager

Iman El Masri

You’ll find Iman working on multiple projects at once. She’s in her zone when improving the systems and operations within the business to best serve and support our students and team members. 

Since we’re a family-run business at our core, we often have our fingers in all the pots. Iman also assists with business strategy, course creation and development, financial ops and marketing, as well as overseeing the core DPSI Online team and supporting our students, tutors, and assessors.

You’ll find Iman working on multiple projects at once. She’s in her zone when improving the systems and operations within the business to best serve and support our students, tutors and assessors.

Meet Some of Our Rockstar Tutors

genuinely supportive & experienced professionals

Polish DPSI Law & CI Tutor

Marta K.

DPSI Law, CI and DT Tutor (English > Polish)
"I came across Helena’s training materials many years ago, in fact I used her pilot training materials to prepare myself for my own DPSI Law exam. I was very impressed how thorough they were and how prepared I was, not only for the exam but also to start working as an interpreter.

Over a decade and many students later it is my pleasure to be working with DPSI Online.

I am excited to introduce new students to the interpreting profession as I feel that DPSI Online courses truly prepare them, both academically but also practically, to start their own interpreting career.

Finally, I am extremely proud of my DPSI Law students who always pass their Level 6 exams!"

French DPSI Law & CI Tutor

Philippe M.

DPSI Law & Health Tutor, CI Tutor and DipTrans Tutor (French > English)
"I have worked for DPSI Online since 2013 tutoring candidates for the Diploma in Translation and DPSI Law/DPSI Health as well as training bilingual individuals to become Community Interpreters at Level 3.

Throughout that time, Helena and her team have been very supportive and it has been a pleasure to deliver those courses.
I am passionate about raising the standards of my profession and I know Helena also shares that passion.

It has been especially rewarding to follow the development of several individuals who went on to progress from Level 3 Community Interpreting on to level 6 DPSI Law or Health and to succeed achieving the qualifications – one student being awarded the Corsellis prize for the best DPSI Health result in the UK.

I look forward to training more students in future and thus contribute to maintaining the high standards the interpreting profession deserves."

Romanian DPSI & CI Tutor

Ivona T.

DPSI Law & Health Tutor, CI Tutor and DT Tutor (English > Romanian)

"I have been working with DPSI Online and Helena El Masri as a Romanian language tutor and assessor since 2019.

I have guided numerous students towards successfully gaining the DPSI, DCI, DipTrans, and DPI qualifications, and assisted many learners towards gaining their Level 3 qualifications in interpreting.

The DPSI Online courses are packed with current material that is relevant and interesting, and they are easy to access and navigate. The online exams and assessments offer the candidates the convenience of becoming qualified from the comfort of their homes.

Our students receive the most up-to-date information and advice from tutors who are experienced and highly knowledgeable in working as interpreters. They have the opportunity to practice their interpreting skills and receive clear, concise feedback on how to improve in their journey to become qualified.

Many students have personally told me how pleased they were with the courses they completed, and how passing the exams improved their job prospects. I am proud to have been a student myself with DPSI Online, completing the Level 4 courses Interpreting for Victims of Crime in 2020 and Tutoring & Assessing Interpreters Online in 2021.

Both courses proved to be time well spent and a great experience for me. I feel privileged to be part of DPSI Online’s team of qualified, dedicated linguists who are passionate about helping future interpreters reach their full potential, and about promoting excellence and high standards in the interpreting industry."

Polish DPSI Health Tutor

Magdalena K.

Magdalena holds a Master’s degree in Translation from the University of Westminster as well as the DPSI Health and Metropolitan Police Test diplomas. She has been working as a translator and interpreter specialising in medical and pharmaceutical fields for over 15 years. She has a wealth of first-hand experience gained in healthcare-related settings. She is well versed in the nuances of medical terminology where accuracy is of utmost importance.

Magdalena has been teaching and assessing students for DPSI Online since 2013. She teaches students preparing for the Health option of the DPSI exam, and is an assessor for the Community Interpreting, and Interpreting for Victims of Crime courses.

According to Magdalena, "DPSI Online courses are very well organised and enable me as a tutor to give a personal touch to every student by passing on individual tips and identifying areas for improvement. It’s great to see the students progressing week by week and improving their skills. The high-quality course material ensures that students are well prepared for the role of an interpreter and have a solid understanding of interpreter ethics and the challenges they will face in their interpreting career."

Portuguese DPSI Tutor

Lidia C.

In 2006, Lidia decided it was time to do the work she had always loved, so she had a change in career and became a linguist. She is now an experienced interpreter and translator, working in various settings as well as a very experienced conference interpreter.

She holds the DPSI Law & the Diploma in Translation, a degree in Tourism with applied Marketing, and holds qualifications in Tutoring. She is a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

Lidia first came across DPSI Online in 2007, when she did her course with Helena. Fast forward a few years, and in 2015 she found herself tutoring students for DPSI Online. Having been a student of the same course enables her to understand students needs. Over the years, Lidia has helped dozens of students to get their qualifications in either interpreting or translation.

According to Lidia, "The various courses I tutor are very well structured, and the exercises are excellent in preparing the students not only for the exam but also for real life when they finally start interpreting and translating."

Russian DPSI Tutor

Albina H.

Russian DPSI Law & Health tutor, DPI tutor, DipTrans tutor and CI Assessor

Albina was born in the former Republic of East Germany and spent her early childhood growing up first in Tbilisi and then Yerevan. After resettling in Russia, she completed her education in teaching and modern languages (English and German) and worked as a translator and interpreter since 1991. Having later settled in England, she gained the DPSI Law diploma in 2010 and joined the NRPSI in 2011. Albina now works as a translator, interpreter and tutor, and provides language support to Russian visiting groups.

"I joined the team at DPSI Online in 2011. The team's dedication to quality and high standards in training public service interpreters is phenomenal. The DPSI Online courses truly prepare students, they hone their skills through a lot of practising, they receive interactive feedback, and they are taught to learn independently. It is incredibly rewarding to ‘bump’ into my former students at a police station later – a testament to the quality of DPSI Online courses!"

Mandarin DPSI Law Tutor

Chien T.

Chien is a highly qualified interpreter and translator from Taiwan with a Bachelor in Business Administration.

After moving to the UK, she gained an MA in Translation Studies from the University of Sheffield in 2007 and a Level 6 DPSI Law option in 2010. In 2020, she was awarded Diploma in Conference Interpreting from the University of Leeds.

She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and also the National Register of Public Service Interpreters. In relation to her work experience, she has been actively working as freelance interpreter and translator in the public sector since 2009.

In terms of her teaching experience for DPSI Online, she has been tutoring the DPSI Law course since 2012, and providing assessments for the level 3 Community Interpreting courses.

Turkish DPSI Law Tutor

Gülay E.

Turkish DPSI Law Tutor and CI Assessor
Gülay was born in Turkey and was raised and educated in the United Kingdom. After graduating from university in the UK, she embarked on a career in print and broadcast journalism in Istanbul and was International Relations Manager at two Turkish environmental NGOs. She has worked extensively as a public service interpreter in the UK and now provides interpreting, translation, language tuition and cultural consultancy services to UK and Turkish companies. She holds a joint honours degree in English Literature/Language and Italian from the University of Leeds, the DPSI Law diploma, and is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

"As a tutor preparing students for the DPSI exam in English Law, it is a pleasure to guide them through the intricacies and pleasures of language, the complexities of the legal landscape and help them take their place as professionals undertaking a vital and honourable role within the UK legal system. Our students take the exam fully prepared not only linguistically and with a greater understanding of how the law works, but also with a sense of empowerment and responsibility."

Italian DPSI Tutor

Manuela C.

Italian DPSI Law & Health Tutor, and CI Assessor.

"I am delighted to be part of such a dynamic team! Being able to share my experience and prepare students for a fantastic and rewarding career is real bliss. It is paramount to be qualified and able to face new challenges with confidence, and our courses prepare students to do just that. If only there had been such a course when I sat my exam!!!

I hold a Masters in Translation with Language Technology (French and Italian) from Swansea University and started my freelance career as an interpreter and translator in 2006. In 2010 I obtained the DPSI Law diploma. I am an NRPSI member, a full member of the CIoL and an Associate of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. I’m also on the Home Office panel as a French and Italian interpreter and also serve as an assessor and examiner for the CIoL in the Italian and French languages; she also provides interpretation for EWC."

Arabic DT Tutor

Hecham M.

Hecham is a translator, interpreter, tutor and content creator. He studied law at Damascus University and moved to London in 2000. He graduated with an LL.M (Distinction) in International Trade Law from Brunel University in 2005, Diploma in Translation – DipTrans, from the Chartered Institute of Linguists in 2016, MA in Translation Studies (Distinction) from the University of Birmingham in 2017 and Diploma in Public Services Interpreting DPSI in 2019. Hecham has been teaching DipTrans students with DPSI Online since 2016.
Arabic CI Assessor

Hiba B.

Hiba is a chartered linguist with native bilingual proficiency in English and Arabic. She is an experienced DPSI (English Law) qualified Interpreter, Tutor and Assessor, holds an MA in Translation and is an ISO qualified Translator, as well as a CELTA and TEFL that qualify her as an English Teacher.

Versed in the cultural dynamics of social diversity, she provides professional linguistic services to a variety of public bodies, private institutions and individuals.

Hiba has obtained further qualifications in assessment and mental health. Committed to continuous professional development, she has received further training in a range of subjects including supervision. She continues to engage in CPD opportunities on a regular basis.

Hiba's registrations and memberships with professional bodies include the NRPSI (Full Status), the Chartered Institute of Linguists (MCIL - CL), the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (MITI), and the Association of Interpreters and Translators.

Prior to embarking on her linguistic journey in 2015, Hiba nurtured a diverse skillset and acquired a global wealth of experience spanning 14 years within challenging roles including admin, meeting and events, sales and marketing mainly in the hospitality industry across the Middle East, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Hiba is the proud founder of The Linguists’ Café UK, a friendly and informative platform on Facebook, offering advice and support to emerging and established linguists.

Hiba is DPSI Online's Arabic Assessor for the Level 3 in Community Interpreting course and regularly provides one-to-one support to students with additional needs.

Portuguese CI Assessor

Pedro M.

Pedro is an experienced English to Portuguese interpreter and translator. Originally from Lisbon, Portugal, he is a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguistics and of the National Register of Public Service Interpreters.

He started his career as an interpreter in 2015 and as a translator in 2017, after receiving his qualifications. Pedro holds a Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (Law) and a Diploma in Police Interpreting, both with merits and distinctions, as well as a Diploma in Translation with merits.

Since then, Pedro has worked on a wide variety of assignments with several governmental bodies such as Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service, Home Office, and the Crown Prosecution Service, as well as on behalf of many language service providers. He has now extensive experience in face-to-face and remote interpreting, and in translating in a variety of contexts. Pedro has been assessing students for DPSI Online since 2020.

Urdu DPSI Law Tutor

Umber B.

Urdu DPSI Law Tutor & CI Assessor

Umber is a DPSI Law-qualified interpreter and a freelance translator with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and History. She is currently working as a MOJ interpreter within the Yorkshire area. After obtaining her Level 4 qualification in PTTLS and CTTLS, she has taught Community Interpreting Level 3 courses and DPSI courses at Bradford University, Bradford College and Leeds Beckett University and was awarded ‘Excellence in Teaching 2010/11’ by Bradford College.

“I have been working as a tutor and assessor with DPSI Online since 2015. Over the years I have tutored and assessed students who are training to acquire qualifications in CI, DPSI Law and DPI in the Urdu / English language combination.
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Helena and the team. The extensive course materials paired with tutor support in their language sets students up to become competent and professional interpreters that are going to build successful interpreting/translating careers.
DPSI Online has not only allowed me to support and train students to become professional interpreters but also provided me with an opportunity to improve my own skills as a tutor and assessor. I successfully completed the Level 4 Tutoring and Assessing Interpreters online program and qualification.

Thai DPSI Law Tutor

Sarinya W.

Sarinya Wood holds the DPSI Law. She is a conference and court interpreter, and a Chartered Linguist awarded by The Chartered Institute of Linguists.

She works regularly for numerous UK Police forces, Home Office, Crown, County and Magistrates Courts and Tribunals.

She has also interpreted for FIFA Women’s World Cup FRANCE 2019, UN-HCR, UN-ODC, UN-ESCAP, UN-REDD, UN-ICC, UN-Habitat, Dubai EXPO 2020 and numerous pharmaceutical companies.

Sarinya has been preparing Thai students at DPSI Online since August 2020 for the Law Option of the DPSI Exams. According to her students, the DPSI Online Course – Law Option allows them to practice role plays consecutively and simultaneously as well as learning invaluable tips from their tutor. The course also helps them understand the exam formats and the British law in greater insights, especially those with no background in law.

Albanian DT & DPSI Law Tutor

Selda R.

"I hold a bachelor's degree in English and American Studies, a master's degree in English Language Teaching and a teaching license. I work as an Albanian telephone interpreter for UK institutions, as well as a medical language trainer, QA evaluator, cognitive debriefing specialist, translator and editor.

I have been working with DPSI Online for 7 months now and it has been a wonderful experience so far. Their courses are well-prepared, profound and improved regularly which can help the students become top-notch professionals and excel in their future career. Furthermore, being able to witness the academic progress and achievements of my students have made me enjoy this job so much. Thank you DPSI for this unforgettable journey."

Vietnamese DipTrans Tutor

Hoang Bao Lan

Lan Hoang is an English-Vietnamese chartered linguist (translator) and a court/medical trained interpreter with over ten years of experience.

He has a thorough academic education and research with a Master's Degree in Language Studies at Yuan Ze University, Taiwan in 2020 and Bachelor's Degree in English with a concentration in Translation Studies from Hue University in 2015, and is a PhD student in Translation Studies at Auckland University of Technology from 2022.

He also has several academically and professionally published papers in the translation field and is the only chartered linguist among the Vietnamese language pairs currently, and a frequent translator aiding the U.K government in the translation of public sectors’ documents.

His tutoring of Vietnamese candidates for the DPSI (Law) qualifications includes not only experience in translation/interpretation in the field but also the comprehensive explanation of wording choice, cultural (in)appropriateness, and friendly, active manner to the learner.

Vietnamese DPSI Law Tutor

Nga K.

Nga is bi-lingual in both English and her native-speaking Vietnamese. She has a bachelor's degree in English and a DPSI in Law. Nga has provided accurate interpreting and verbatim translation services for the past 10 years in a professional and reliable manner, taking pride in meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations for the services that she delivers, working hard and taking a flexible, pro-active approach to problem solving.

Nga interprets and translates across diverse sectors including Court, Police and Immigration, Healthcare, Education, Adult and Children’s Services, Mental Health, Child Protection and more…
She ensures the accuracy, fluency, reliability and confidentiality of her work at all times, thus facilitating maximum clarity and understanding for all parties. Nga is professional, socially skilled and culturally competent with an outstanding memory, and keen attention to detail.

Chinese DipTrans Tutor

Jennifer H.

Jennifer is a Chinese - English translator and DipTrans tutor.

She has over 14 years’ legal practice experience in Hong Kong and the UK, concentrating in all areas of legal practice ranging from contracts, company, commercial and real estate, before becoming a legal translator in 2008. She is fluent in written Chinese – both simplified and traditional Chinese – and now regularly translates and edits legal texts, as well as materials in the areas of business, marketing, finance, tourism and many others. She gained her Diploma in Translation in 2014.

Hungarian DPSI Law Tutor

Eszter F.

Eszter is a Chartered Linguist and an experienced Hungarian translator and interpreter with thousands of hours of interpreting experience in a wide-range of settings. Throughout her interpreting career, Eszter has been involved with many high profile police cases such as murder enquiries, kidnapping and human trafficking investigations, magistrates’ and crown court trials and fraud investigations etc.
Eszter also has a vast amount of experience in the field of translation, specialising in legal and business translation. Eszter provides translation, transcription, subtitling and certificate translation services and has worked with well recognised brands such as Sony, Starbucks, Tesco, Vodafone, Nokia, HBO. In addition, Eszter also provides translation services to various public service agencies such as Social Services, the Home Office, HMRC, the Ministry of Defence and various criminal and commercial law firms. Eszter is also on the Hungarian Embassy's List of Recommended Translators.

Eszter says: “As a DPSI qualified interpreter, I have worked with DPSIOnline as a trainer and assessor for the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (law option) exam since 2020 and I hold an Award in Education & Training. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Team preparing exam materials and assessing the examinees' performance. As a trainer, I have found it fulfilling to see my students develop week by week. In my lessons, I focus on developing their vocabulary and interpreting skills and I always find ways of sharing my experience of working in this field to prepare them for the exciting and fulfilling, albeit often unpredictable and demanding career of an interpreter.”

Hungarian CI Assessor

Anna G.

Anna is a freelance interpreter and translator who also works part-time for NHS Lothian and the City of Edinburgh Council. She obtained the DPSI Law in 2008, DPSI Health in 2021 and has been a full member of the NRPSI since 2009. In addition, she regularly works as an assessor of interpreters for Aberdeen City Council and has been an Assessor for the Community Interpreting course offered by DPSI Online since 2015.

According to Anna, "I have had a very positive experience working with DPSI Online assessing aspiring interpreters. They are very eager to learn, very kind, polite, they put lots of effort into their learning."

Last year I took part in the Level 4 course called “Tutoring and Assessing Interpreters Online” that DPSI Online offers which helped me to improve my tutoring and assessing skills. I would strongly recommend it for interpreters who are thinking about becoming a tutor or assessor of interpreters in the future.

French DipTrans Tutor

Stewart W.

A graduate of the University of London, Stewart speaks French and Spanish. He has worked in translating, interpreting, teaching and tutoring languages for more than thirty years. In addition to one year-plus in France, he has spent a total of seven years in Latin America.

He has been the editor of a Financial Times newsletter, has taught at university and is a published author, principally in business and technical areas, including bi-lingual technical dictionaries. He has also ghost-written for French and North-American research houses.

He has been a DipTrans tutor for French into English since 2014.

Ukrainian DPSI Tutor

Jana K-T

Jana was born in Ukraine where she graduated both as a foreign language teacher (English and German) and an interpreter/translator. She has been working in both domains since 2009.
In 2017 she opened a foreign language school and it keeps growing year by
Teaching is her big passion and she enjoys watching her students' progress, growth, and achievement of their goals.
Joining the team at DPSI Online has allowed her to prepare students to sharpen their skills and guide them to become better interpreters.
Arabic CI Assessor

Nahed A

Nahed A. is an experienced DPSI (English Law) qualified interpreter and assessor. She holds an MA in Translation Studies as well as a PhD in translation studies and intercultural communication.

Nahed has over 15 years of experience in interpreting and translation working with different sectors in the UK, such as the Home Office, police, social services, and hospitals.

After completing her Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), Nahed taught the DPSI, English Law to students wishing to become professional interpreters. Nahed also worked as a Transcultural mental health worker for almost 10 years. As a result of her work experience, she gained valuable insights into how language is used and the challenges interpreters may face when interpreting patients’ emotional expressions.

Recently, Nahed has been on the advisory group for the School for Social care research (University of Manchester) in their study focusing on identifying challenges and good practices when approved mental health professionals (AMHPs) and interpreters (both spoken and signed) work together, and provided expert advice and guidance to the research project based on her own professional and personal experiences.

Nahed is also working with the Chartered Institute of Linguistics specialists on the development of Arabic written exam materials and is a qualified marker and assessor of Arabic written exams for law, health and government options of the DPSI. Nahed recently joined the DPSI online team as an assessor for level 3 in community interpreting course. It is a pleasure to work with Helena and the team.

Kurdish DPSI Law Tutor

Ata S.

Greetings! I am a DPSI and DCI Law & Health tutor, as well as a level 3 CI assessor, hailing from the vibrant world of language and interpretation. My journey as an English–Kurdish interpreter and translator began over two decades ago, back in 2003 in the UK. It was a pivotal moment when I completed my initial training in Community Interpreting.
In 2007, I attained the DPSI-Law certification at City College in Birmingham. This accomplishment opened doors for me as I could put my interpreting skills to invaluable use.
In 2018, I embarked on a new chapter of my professional life by joining the DPSI online team. As a tutor and assessor, I've had the privilege of guiding and nurturing countless talented individuals through the DPSI Law, DCI Health, and level 3 CI courses. Witnessing the transformation of passionate bilinguals into community interpreters and DPSI candidates into proficient and dedicated interpreters has been truly fulfilling. The courses are detailed, informative and well-prepared. The staff are passionate, respectful, and ready to help all the time.
Further to my qualifications and experience in the UK, I hold the title of a sworn translator/interpreter in Kurdistan, Iraq, authorized by the Ministry of Justice.
Besides language and interpreting, I have studied up to the PhD level in geology and I am currently serving as the Vice Dean of the Education College at Charmo University in Sulaimani, Iraq.
I look forward to sharing my experiences and knowledge with those who are equally passionate about the fields I hold dear.
Arabic DPSI Tutor

Mona W.

Mona trained as an interpreter at City College in Birmingham and qualified in June 2005 (CIOL DPSI/Legal option); then qualified as an English/Arabic translator in 2007 (Dip Trans/CIOL).

She has worked since 2004 as a freelance interpreter and translator with local councils, the NHS, and the Ministry of Justice (with Children Social Services, Housing, Police, the Courts, etc…). She has also worked, since 2018, as a remote interpreter with hospitals, job centres, and courts in the US.

Mona has been an interpreter trainer since 2009. She is also an ESOL specialist, working with Coventry City Council, in charge of supporting refugees in accessing education and English language classes.

Bengali DPSI Tutor

Mohammed S.

Bengali DPSI Law Tutor

Mohammed is a highly skilled and qualified translator and interpreter. He holds a DPSI Law, in Bengali (Sylheti), where he achieved distinctions in all units. He also holds a DPI in Sylheti, again with distinctions across the board, and a DPI in Bengali. His academic background includes a Bachelor of Laws (LLB Hons) and a Master of Laws (LLM) from UK universities. Beyond his expertise in languages, he serves as a part-time lecturer at Middlesex University, School of Law.

He is registered with the Home Office and Police (PAIT) as a translator and interpreter. Additionally, he is a full member of both the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) and the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI).

Mohammed has extensive experience in translating legal, government, and a variety of other documents with precision and accuracy. He regularly interprets in both court and police settings.

As a tutor at DPSI Online, Mohammed dedicates himself to assisting his DPSI Online students. He focuses on identifying and understanding each student's individual needs, aiding them in overcoming their challenges and enhancing their strengths. Mohammed's considerable expertise in translation and interpretation, coupled with his teaching experience, enables him to excel in nurturing students' abilities. His depth of knowledge in these fields allows him to effectively guide students, helping them to reach their full potential.

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