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Police Interpreting

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This 12-week course prepares candidates for the DPI exams held by the CIoL. It includes 10 one-to-one sessions with a qualified tutor in your language combination to practice and receive feedback on assignments related to the units of this exam.

Suitable for experienced interpreters who live in London and wish to work for the MET Police. All other police forces accept the DPSI Law.

Obtaining this diploma entitles you to use ‘DPI’ after your name and to register with the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI)

What You Will Learn

This course explores the role and work of an interpreter in police settings and covers police powers and procedures, witness statement taking, and specialised police terminology. Sessions with your tutor will improve your knowledge of specialised police terminology and accuracy in interpreting so that you feel confident tackling the exam.

Course Dates

The course is open for enrolments all year round.

Classes are flexible and will be organised between you and your language tutor.

If you’re planning to sit the exam in June exam, enrol as early as February/March.

If planning to sit the exam in November enrol in July/August.

Course Syllabus

Types of Crime


Police Powers and Procedures


Private Sessions with Language Tutors


Student Testimonials

Your course helped me to pass the DPI exam with such great results (2 distinctions and 3 merits). I enjoyed working with my tutor Barbara, she gave me lots of helpful tips on how to prepare for the exam and was attentive to details.

Magdalena R.Polish DPI Past Student

Course Enrolment Options

One Payment of £825

Payment Plan: 4 x £210

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