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Tutoring & Assessing Interpreters Online Program

Are you looking to expand your services and become an interpreter trainer? Wondering what benefits it will bring you? 

The Tutoring & Assessing Interpreters Online course was designed to offer an opportunity to those aiming to shape the future of interpreter training.

As the only course of its kind tailored specifically for interpreter training, it represents a unique opportunity for professional growth and leadership in the interpreting industry.

Bridging the Gap: The shift from face-to-face to digital learning environments requires not just an understanding of interpreting techniques, but also a mastery of online teaching methodologies and assessment strategies, without mentioning above average IT skills. This course bridges that gap, offering comprehensive training that covers everything from understanding awarding body protocols to delivering impactful online tutoring and assessment.

Course Structure and Benefits: This 12 week course is structured into five units, blending theoretical knowledge with practical applications. The initial units lay a solid foundation, covering the protocols used by awarding bodies, and the technical and practical aspects of online tutoring and assessing. The latter units focus on applying this knowledge, guiding participants through the process of evaluating interpreters’ performances and conducting effective online sessions in the workplace.

Participants will emerge from the course not just as qualified tutors and assessors but as innovators capable of delivering engaging and effective training to interpreters at various levels. They will gain skills in applying teaching principles, preparing and delivering classes, teaching practical skills, using feedback models, and managing learner dynamics—tools that are invaluable in the digital age.

Why This Course Matters: With the global market for language services expanding, the demand for high-quality interpreter training is more significant than ever. However, a gap exists in training qualified educators who can navigate the complexities of online learning environments. This course fills that gap, empowering participants to lead the next generation of interpreters towards excellence.

Participants will not only enhance their career prospects but will also ensure that their assigned learners receive the high-quality training they need to succeed in a diverse range of settings.

Apply Now: 

Applications are open now, with the upcoming course starting in July 2024. Spaces are limited, and the group is already 33% filled!

2024 Course Dates:

  • July Cohort: July 1st – September 30th
  • September Cohort: September 1st – November 30th

Investment: £595 Full Price

Early Bird Pricing: £555 – Until Friday, 17th May 2024.


Ready to step into your next level and shape the future of interpreting?

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*Must have at least 5 years of professional experience as a qualified interpreter to enroll on this training.