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A 10-session practical course to prepare aspiring translators for the CIOLQ Level 6 CertTrans exams. Learners will complete 10 written translation assignments that cover a range of contexts, including business, commerce, government, and public services.

Each assignment is accompanied by a personalised feedback session on Skype from a qualified tutor in the learner’s language combination, aiming to enhance translation skills, bolster accuracy, and improve overall readability.

This course is offered in multiple language combinations – see FAQs for options currently available. Please note, while our course equips you for the CertTrans exams, the exam itself is conducted by the CIoL.

What You Will Learn

The 10 assignments cover all three units of the exam: 4 general papers, 3 business and commercial contexts, and 3 government and public service contexts. Each of these areas will expose you to unique terminology, tones, and writing styles, helping you to develop a comprehensive skillset.

Moreover, through one-on-one feedback sessions with a qualified tutor, you’ll get individualised feedback and insights into your strengths and areas for improvement. These sessions provide a platform for discussion, addressing queries, and learning practical tips to improve your technique, accuracy, and readability.

This is a purely practical course, focusing on the application of skills. As such, no lessons or materials on translation theory are provided. For learners seeking a broader understanding of translation theory, we recommend the Foundation Course in Translation.

Course Schedule

Enrolments are open year-round. This course can be completed within a span of 3 months.

Skype feedback sessions are flexible and organised directly between the learner and the tutor to suit both parties’ availability.

We advise learners to start this course at least 3 months ahead of their chosen exam date. to ensure adequate preparation. For instance, for an exam in July, it is advisable to start this course in April.

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