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Introduction to Interpreting

A FREE self-paced taster course that offers bilinguals, linguists and aspiring interpreters an understanding of the role of the interpreter to find out if this profession is for you.

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Vicarious Trauma & Self-Care

An absolute must if you interpret in emotionally charged settings. Learn about compassion fatigue, trauma and vicarious trauma as well as how to create a self-care program.

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Interpreting for the Police

Delve into the role of an interpreter in police settings, learn about police powers and procedures, how to take witness statements, and specialised police terminology.

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Intro to Simultaneous Interpreting

Practice and enhance your skills in simultaneous interpreting, a technique and skill that is often required in a variety of medical and legal settings for PSIs. Not suitable for beginners.

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Intro to Sight Translation

Learn the essentials of sight translation, and get the opportunity to practice and improve your skills. A key skill required in a variety of medical and legal settings for PSIs.

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Introduction to Translation Mini Course

Welcome to the world of translation. Explore what's expected at levels 6 and 7. Practice your skills and prepare for the nuances of professional translating

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Workshops & Webinars

On-Demand 2-Part Workshop

Childbirth, the Interpreter's Perspective

Tailored to interpreters who work in or wish to work in the field of childbirth. Mara Ricoy - Birth Educator and interpreter - aims to provide a deeper understanding of the birth process from the interpreter's perspective.

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Course News & Special Offers

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