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In an increasingly interconnected world, the power of language has never been more apparent. As a community interpreter, you don’t just translate words—you create bridges of understanding that span cultures, ethnicities, and experiences. By enrolling in the Level 3 Community Interpreting Course offered by DPSI Online with Helena El Masri, you can unlock the power of language to impact lives and empower communities.

As a community interpreter, your role extends beyond conventional interpretations. You serve as a crucial link connecting diverse communities, promoting inclusivity, and enabling effective communication for those facing language barriers. Our comprehensive course prepares you to succeed in this rewarding profession, guiding you to manage professional boundaries, handle challenging situations, and maintain confidentiality—all essential traits of an effective community interpreter.

Contribute to Social Integration

Community interpreters play a key role in ensuring everyone gets access to essential services, regardless of language proficiency. Whether it’s in healthcare, education, social services, or housing, your skills can make a real difference, enabling non-native speakers to understand and navigate complex systems. As an interpreter, you can contribute to a more inclusive society, ensuring that language is no longer a barrier to accessing vital information and services.

Detailed, Comprehensive Curriculum

Delivered virtually on Zoom in intimate groups of up to 12 students, the course emphasizes personal attention and quality interaction. A unique aspect of our training program is the inclusion of three one-to-one sessions with a language assessor – a level of support that distinguishes us from other providers in the industry.

The course structure spans across various critical areas of community interpreting:

  • Weeks 1 – 4: Introduction to Community Interpreting, Healthcare, Sexual Health, and Mental Health.
  • Weeks 5 – 8: Social Services, Education, Welfare Benefits, Housing, and Immigration.
  • Week 9 – 11: Ethics, Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Cultural Awareness, Telephone Interpreting, and the Business of Interpreting.
  • Week 12: Final Assessments.

A Golden Opportunity

To make the deal even sweeter, we’re offering a special payment plan for those enrolling by July 15th, 2023. Instead of the regular three instalments, you can spread your course fee over six months. It’s our way of making this training more accessible to all aspiring interpreters.

Enrolling in our September course does not just mark the start of a journey towards a rewarding career. It’s also a commitment to empower communities, bridge cultural gaps, and foster mutual understanding in an increasingly diverse society.

So, if you have set your sights on becoming a qualified interpreter this year, there’s no better time to start than now. With our specialised course, expert instructors, and the flexible payment plan, your career in community interpreting is just around the corner.

The upcoming September cohort is the final intake for this year. Don’t wait. Secure your spot in our September intake today and step into 2024 as a certified Community Interpreter.

Read More and Apply Here.

Feel free to reach out to us by email ( if you have any questions about the course or the enrolment process. We’re here to assist you in your journey towards becoming a community interpreter.