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The Diploma in Translation is internationally recognised as the gold standard in the translation profession.

DPSI Online offers this exam fully online four times a year in January, April, July, and October. 

This diploma is awarded by iCQ.

Upcoming Exam Dates

Please enrol at least 5 weeks before the next date.

July 2024:

23rd July – Unit 1

24th July – Units 2 and 3

October 2024:

22nd October – Unit 1

23rd October – Units 2 and 3

Exam Units

Unit 01 – Translation of a General Text

Unit 02 – Translation of a semi-specialised text in either Business, Literature, or Technology

Unit 03 – Translation of a semi-specialised text in either Science, Social Science, or Law

Exam Options

All 3 units: £850

Unit 1 – £480 | Unit 2 – £360 | Unit 3 – £360

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