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September thoughts & Reflective Exercise 


Last week we sent out our monthly September Newsletter to our mailing list and included this reflective exercise in it. I wanted to post it here on our resources page too as I believe it is such a simple yet very effective exercise that can provide you with the clarity and focus needed to move forward and close the gap between where you are now and where you desire to be.

It only takes 5-7 minutes so I invite you to take this time out of your busy day to dedicate to yourself and your growth.

Enjoy 🙂


There’s something special about the month of September. Don’t you think?

September for me symbolises a time of transition and new beginnings. The seasons are changing. Harvest season is here for those who are growing crops outside. Applying this theme to our internal world, it makes a great time to reflect back and acknowledge our own personal harvest for the year – metaphorically speaking.

Let’s take a moment now to pause and ground yourself with a few slow deep breaths for this short exercise.

Ready? Now think about this…

What ideas, projects or goals have you been watering and working on that have already come to fruition around this time?

This is a great journalling prompt, but you can also just take some time to think this through in your mind.

Have you taken the time to acknowledge and celebrate yourself for them?

We spend so much time wishing for and working towards our goals that many times we don’t even acknowledge them when they are achieved.

And do you know why that is?

Because we’re already busy working towards the next goal. The next level. The next thing.

And, if you’re thinking about how you’re not where you wanted to be or thought you’d be by now… that’s fine too. This is also a great time to acknowledge the gap and then make a plan to re-align or shift the goal entirely.

There is great power in reflection and introspection. If you take this time to check in with yourself, then the next 3-4 months can be a time of great opportunity in your life. A time to re-evaluate, re-align and build the momentum to finish the year feeling proud and fulfilled. And if you don’t, well… nothing changes if nothing changes.

These are just a few thoughts that have been floating in my awareness that I invite you to contemplate on.

We will be going through this very exercise in our next team meeting as our team has been immersed in building up to the busiest months of the year for us at DPSI Online. It is a great time to lift our heads and see how far we’ve come.

Written by Iman El Masri