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“I have worked for DPSI Online since 2013 tutoring candidates for the Diploma in Translation and DPSI Law/DPSI Health as well as training bilingual individuals to become Community Interpreters at Level 3. I am passionate about raising the standards of my profession and I know Helena also shares that passion.”

Phil MurielFrench DPSI Law and CI Tutor

“Over a decade and many students later it is my pleasure to be working with DPSI Online. I am excited to introduce new students to the interpreting profession as I feel that DPSI Online courses truly prepare them, both academically but also practically, to start their own interpreting career.”

Marta koniecznaPolish DPSI Law and CI tutor

“I am proud to have been a student myself with DPSI Online. I feel privileged to be part of DPSI Online’s team of qualified, dedicated linguists who are passionate about helping future interpreters reach their full potential, and promoting excellence in the interpreting industry.”

Ivona TillettRomanian DPSI Law and CI Tutor

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Student Testimonials

“I am more than happy with the course and the support I have received. I truly believe DPSI Online is the best course provider. It is hard but at the end of the course, you know you are prepared and ready for your job assignments. My tutor Nina Boteva was absolutely amazing, She gave me lots of knowledge and support. I can not say thank you enough.
This is the second time I am choosing DPSI Online, and if I have to choose again I will choose DPSI Online again without a doubt.”

Diyana DichevaBulgarian | Level 6 DPSI Law Course: One-to-One

“Excellent interpreting course. I found the course content and modules extremely useful. It was very well structured and easy to understand. Lots of helpful videos and useful information. My tutor was attentive, and involved everyone in the class while practicing. Always on time and prompt. Highly satisfied with the tutors way of teaching. 10/10 👌”

Alexandra BadeaRomanian | Level 3 Community Interpreting

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