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DPSI Online’s flexible courses give you everything you need to progress and gain qualified, accredited status in the public service interpreting profession, whatever your starting point. Our comprehensive range of courses and experienced trainers will allow you to further your knowledge and skills from the comfort of your desk. You will study with experienced and reputable public service interpreting professionals. You’ll be able to access your course materials 24/7, at the click of a button, while enjoying a friendly virtual learning environment. Invest in your career with DPSI Online.

What We Offer
DPSI Interpreting courses DPSI Interpreting courses
DPSI Online teaches beginner, intermediate and advanced-level interpreters and translators. Improve your skills and get qualified by studying from the comfort of your own home.

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Community Interpreting Courses Community Interpreting Courses
DPSI Online teaches beginner, intermediate and advanced-level interpreters and translators. Improve your skills and get qualified by studying from the comfort of your own home.

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Translation Courses Translation Courses
Flexible one-to-one courses that prepare you for the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL) DipTrans exams or for the re-sit of one or more units. Study in your own time with a dedicated language tutor.

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Resit and One-to-one Courses Resit and One-to-one Courses
Choose from a range of tailored courses, such as the DPSI Law One-to-one Tutoring course to hone a specific interpreting skill, the Self-study course or the DPSI Law/Health Resits.

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Glossary & Resources Glossary & Resources
These are excellent resources for your studies. Our glossaries are available in various languages and the Interpreters’ Manual is a valuable guide for the less experienced interpreters.

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Webinars Webinars
We offer online webinars to all interpreters who wish to improve or update their skills and become more knowledgeable. Both stand-alone and cost-saving webinar bundles are available.

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Student Testimonials


The course put me on the right track as a professional

I thoroughly enjoyed the DPSI Law course and this definitely put me in good stead for the future. The course gave me all the necessary information that I needed not only to pass the exam, but most importantly, to use in real life, when I started working in the legal setting. Since I became a qualified interpreter I have worked on hundreds of legal cases, from simple court trials to complex murder cases… Fast forward a few years and I am now one of the DPSI Online tutors. Being a tutor is extremely fulfilling, as I can not only help students with the experience and expertise acquired along the years, but it’s also nice to see them progress and improve their skills. The course is very well structured, it follows the exam pattern and it has all the materials needed, with the added bonus of an experienced tutor to help the students and give them feedback. I feel that the course definitely put me on the right track as a professional and I can recommend it without any hesitation.

Lidia Carney
DPSI Law Student (Portuguese); current DPSI Online tutor

The course quality definitely exceeded my expectations

I have enjoyed the course greatly. I was looking forward to every class and the course quality pleasantly surprised me and definitely exceeded my expectations. The content was excellent. The terminology sheets were a great starting point to my own glossaries that I made. The tutor was just amazing. She was very friendly and pleasant. She was helpful and gave us useful tips regarding the DPSI exam. She even went the extra mile and posted tips on the forum for us because she thought it could be helpful. I think it is a great idea to have a dedicated tutor as I got to know my tutor during the nine months of the course and I felt comfortable working with her. I was very satisfied with the whole structure of the course. The course helped me so much with my preparations for the DPSI exam and our tutor was just brilliant.

Petra Vackova
DPSI Law Course, Czech

I cannot believe how much I have learned!

The tutor was absolutely fantastic! She gave me detailed, constructive feedback and suggested which aspects I need to improve on. I cannot believe how much I have learned! The course was very flexible and the time between the sessions sufficient to complete the assignments. Constructive, detailed, honest, spot on! The feedback allowed me to develop my skills and work on challenges. The tutor was very experienced and knowledgeable about the subject. She was always very well prepared and organised. Very reliable and punctual. I cannot praise her enough! There was always enough time for my tutor to go through the text in detail. The online system is generally very easy to use. the course is really good!”

Aleksandra Hales
DipTrans Course (Polish)

I was very blessed to have a tutor with such experience like Helena

At first I was a bit apprehensive and fearful about doing the course, but thanks to my tutor and colleagues I really enjoy it. Every lesson was a new experience. The modules were very useful for the exam and will be for my work. I was very blessed to have a tutor with such experience like Helena. Her way of explaining things was incredibly easy to understand.

Silvana Veloso
DPSI Law Course (Portuguese)

I looked forward to my weekly assignments and feedback sessions

I enjoyed the course very much and looked forward to my weekly assignments and feedback sessions. I worked extremely well with my tutor and found that the feedback sessions through Skype were the best format for me. I was able to arrange regular feedback sessions with my tutor or reschedule when needed. I was always provided with in-depth explanations about my work. The tutor made also very clear the difference between something that was just a suggestion and something that was instead wrong and would have counted as a mistake in an exam situation. I had no problem in receiving an answer to any query either from my tutor or from the DipTrans organisers.

Stefania Greci
DipTrans Course (Italian)

Fantastic experience and excellent value for money

Fantastic experience and excellent value for money. It met and exceeded my expectations in many ways. I often find it difficult to self-assess my own writing, so I appreciated the objective feedback from an experienced linguist. Helena was extremely knowledgeable about the English legal system. It was clear to me that she genuinely cared and was willing to help, and it made me feel secure and motivated – something I value most when taking courses. It was my first time to participate in an online course. Before I started it, I couldn’t even imagine how it would work. I remember feeling a little nervous and uneasy on the first couple of tutorials. However, I gradually became used to the method and was quite comfortable and relaxed after a while. The Rare Languages class was harmonious and motivating. It certainly helped me to go through the journey which might have been daunting had I had to do it alone.

DPSI Law Course (Rare Languages)


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