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Webinars On Demand


Police Interviews and Statement Taking Webinar

This webinar is for interpreters who are interested in learning more about Police Powers and Procedures, how police officers conduct interviews and how they take witness and victim statements.

Content covered and learning outcomes:

  • Police powers and procedures;
  • Interviews and witness statement taking;
  • The role of the interpreter in this scenario and any relevant terminology.
  • You will familiarise yourself with police powers and procedures, relevant specialised terminology, and acquire valuable information which will help you to interpret professionally during police interviews and witness statement taking.
How to Set Up as a Freelance Interpreter in the UK Webinar

This webinar is for all interpreters who would like to set up as self-employed professionals in the UK, who have just started but may still have doubts about what to do regarding registering as a sole trader and how to keep tax accounts.

Content covered and learning outcomes:

  • The business of interpreting – invoices, claim forms, keeping accounts, invoicing clients, paying your taxes;
  • CRBs, becoming a member of an organisation, being your own boss!
  • This webinar will benefit any interpreter who has just started working as a freelancer and who would like to know more about doing their own accounts.
Interpreting in Mental Health Webinar

A 3-part webinar series delivered by Phil Muriel, to better understand interpreting in mental health settings. Suitable for volunteers, inexperienced or experienced professionals.

Content covered and learning outcomes:

  • What is mental health? Causes and common mental illnesses;
  • Challenges when interpreting in mental health;
  • Interpreting in counselling sessions;
  • Vicarious Trauma.
Ethics & Ethical Dilemmas (6 months access!)

This webinar is for all interpreters – from a volunteer, inexperienced to experienced professionals – interested in learning about interpreter ethics and the ethical dilemmas that arise during assignments.

Content covered and learning outcomes:

  • What are ethics?
  • Ethical dilemmas and ways to avoid stepping outside our role;
  • Codes of Conduct, Code of Good Practice and what it all means;
  • You will learn or revisit why ethics are important both on the job as well as between colleagues.
DPSI Law Webinar Series  7 Webinars Bundle

This bundle is now part of our one-to-one DPSI tutoring course and DPSI Law Self-Study Course which includes more learning materials and practice assignments. These courses are intended as a revision option for candidates wishing to sit the DPSI exam, or for any experienced practicing interpreters who want to refresh their English law terminology. This is also useful for external exam candidates who did not follow a preparation course or for those who followed a course but want to refresh their knowledge and clarify doubts.

This bundle and/or one-to-one course is not suitable for beginners.

Content covered and learning outcomes:

  • Topics include: Types of Crimes, Police Powers and Procedures, Civil and Criminal Courts, Probation, Immigration, Civil Law, Local Government;
  • Ethics and ethical dilemmas;
  • Continuous professional development (CPD);
  • Taking the DPSI exam;
  • You will learn more about the British legal system, learn specialised terminology, and acquire valuable information which will help you interpreting in court, police stations, immigration departments, etc.

Q&A Sessions


Q&A on DPSI Online Courses – Free 30 minutes Drop-in Sessions

These drop-in sessions are made available for those who are considering studying with DPSI Online. You will learn about the way your course will be taught, and about the materials and the platform we use. Have you read our FAQ page and the course description and still have questions? Perfect! This Q&A will give you the opportunity to clarify any doubts before you enrol with us. Please note this is NOT an entry assessment or part of the enrolment process. These sessions are information sessions only to answer any questions or doubts.

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