We have prepared hundreds of students for their CIoL exams and Community Interpreting Certificates, as well as their public service interpreting careers.

Here is what they have to say about our courses.

Community Interpreting Courses

What our students say about our Community Interpreting courses

Name: Habib
Course: Level 3 in Community Interpreting
Date: September 2018

“I searched the web for Interpreting courses and DPSIonline was just a ‘lucky’ random choice, which proved to be a very good choice because it satisfied my expectations. I would like to thank you (DPSIonline) most sincerely for providing such useful courses. The topics were very well organised and the methods used to deliver the contents were excellent. The choice of tutor to deliver/teach the contents was also excellent. Well done. Our tutor was very experienced and knowledgeable in all the relevant topics. He clarified all the ambiguities using his knowledge and past experiences. He responded to all our queries promptly and clearly.

Thank you for providing such opportunities.”

DPSI Law and Health Courses

What our students say about our DPSI Online preparatory courses.

Name: Christopher Cordrey               
Course: DPSI Law
Language: Chinese Mandarin                             
Course Year: 2017/2018

“I enjoyed taking the course, thank you. I give the Course a 9 rating. The lessons were very useful giving plenty of detail for the respective modules.

The course content was well explained and lessons were set out logically. I found the assignments particularly helpful. The practice of timing and content ensures you are used to the speed expected in the exam. I think it is really important to have a dedicated language tutor throughout the course.

I would definitely recommend the course.”

Name: Sara Rodrigues
Course: DPSI Law Intensive
Language: Portuguese
Date: May 2017

“The course exceeded all my expectations! I enjoyed every minute and I definitely learned a lot with it! Excellent – 10/10! The course content was very well explained and Helena has always proved to have a great knowledge of the legal system. Terminology learned has been very useful on a daily basis.

All modules and topics were relevant and the course work in general really helped me get through the exam. Fantastic! All material used during the course prepared me for the exam and for real life interpreting too.

All I can say is a big thank you to Helena! Her expertise and teaching methods were fantastic. An excellent teacher who makes you feel very at ease to ask any questions you may have!”

Name: Mikhail Bychkou               
Course: DPSI Law
Language: Russian                             
Course Year: November 2016

“Overall, the course was very informative and flexible, which was quite important for me as a law student. I received all information on time from the admin team and my tutor was very helpful and used great teaching methods. There were only two of us in the group, so all webinars were concentrated on achieving great results and revolved around personal issues for each of us. I would say 10/10, which may be slightly bias as I have not done such courses before, distantly and had been rather sceptical at the beginning as was in full-time university education.

All the assignments were based on real scenarios and were quite useful to give an insight into what we will encounter both in reality and during exams.Since it was only two of us in the group, literally all questions were resolved immediately.

It was a huge bonus to have a very experienced interpreter with great experience to share throughout the course. Quite important, more in an empathic way to feel support and have comments from an experienced practising professional.”



“I really enjoyed the course because it gave me the opportunity to achieve a better standard in my language, ie Polish, as it could be considered my second language. I am of Polish origin and have spoken it all my life but have not lived in Poland or studied the language formally. The regular contact with a native speaker with a high standard of Polish language was extremely beneficial. The weekly meetings required a certain discipline which was brilliant because it kept me on my toes and did not allow me to get behind. The rewards of the hard work are great and really worthwhile. Of course with the input from the tutor, who was fantastic, you felt you had to live up to expectations (…) I have found that there is no easy way to prepare for this exam – only regular practice achieves the confidence you want (…) Considering the time constraints and the amount of material that has to be covered it is an extremely valuable and high standard course organised in a professional manner (…) Students learn from one another and can arrange to meet up on Skype for extra practice (…) Anybody wishing to study for the DPSI would certainly benefit from this course and enjoy it because there is such a feeling of optimism and good will from organisers and tutors (…) The needs of the students are important to the organisers who keep in touch and encourage students to keep in touch with each other.”
– Joanna, Polish Student 2012

“I enjoyed my course thoroughly and I was looking forward to every lesson (…) I am very grateful for the amount of knowledge I acquired during this course (…) Our tutor was profoundly helpful, providing us with tons of additional information and resources (…) It was very important to have access to an experienced and knowledgeable tutor to ask questions and to clarify difficult subjects.”
– Lucie Ctvrtnickova, Czech Student 2012

“I really enjoyed that course. The online access was extremely useful for me, because of the fact in the middle of that course I had to move to another country (…) My tutor was really professional and very demanding… She really cared about me and answered all my doubts and questions (…) It was very professional that although Helena was not my tutor I felt she was interested in me and in the course. Sandra was very kind as well. She answered my queries very quickly…”
– Ewelina Przewoźnik, Polish Student 2012

“It certainly made interpreting look less “frightening”. Very well. I mainly needed to practice consecutive and simultaneous interpreting and these sessions were very helpful. Also, it was very positive to get tips for them exam. Tutor was very experienced, made me confident and provided very helpful tips for the exam. Also, got good advice about interpreting as a profession and where to get reliable and good-quality information” … Tutor was able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses.”
– Patricia Fonseca, Portuguese Student 2012

Fantastic experience and excellent value for money. It met and exceeded my expectations in many ways. I appreciated the good introduction to and explanation of the systems and the terminology. I particularly found it helpful when I could ask questions during the tutorials and my tutor answered them. I could always look ahead and plan what to do. I liked the flexibility of the schedule and deadlines as well. I often find it difficult to self-assess my own writing, so I appreciated the objective feedback from an experienced linguist. Helena (…) was extremely knowledgeable about the English legal system (…) It was clear to me that both of them genuinely cared and were willing to help, and it made me feel secure and motivated – something I value most when taking courses. It was my first time to participate in an online course. Before I started it, I couldn’t even imagine how it would work. I remember feeling a little nervous and uneasy in the first couple of tutorials. However, I gradually became used to the method and was quite comfortable and relaxed after a while (…) Despite the differences in the language options, the Rare Languages class was harmonious and motivating. It certainly helped me to go through the journey which might have been daunting had I had to do it alone”
– FM, Rare Languages Student 2012

“I really enjoyed the course throughout. My expectations were fulfilled to my satisfaction.”
– Harsha Mendis, Rare Language Student 2012

I LOVED the course. It exceeded my expectations. I have learned SO MUCH!! I already had experience as a translator, but thanks to this course I am now better at my job. In addition, I have developed a real passion for simultaneous interpreting – I wish you had a course on that and I could go on studying with you! In my case, tutorials were very practical, which I think was the best choice. I think my tutor used a variety of methods, but what I found most useful was that she had a very practical approach… Not only did she provide support during tutorials, but she was always there to clear any doubts during the rest of the week. It was perfect. It allowed me time to study, process information, practice on my own and then see if I had made any progress.”
– Elena Miraglia, Italian Student 2012

“I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The course was of high standard.”
– Farideh Colthart, Farsi Student 2012

“The course surpassed my expectations. It was clear, professional, pleasant. The modules were very useful. The instructions very clear and helpful. The tutor was experienced, professional, up to date with information, resourceful.”
– Oana Patap, Romanian Student 2012

“It was very convenient as I didn’t have to travel. In general, I am happy with the amount of materials and exercises I received. My tutor Albina was very helpful and professional. Albina was great as a tutor. Her general knowledge in this industry and her experience were really helpful and her teaching methods are of a very high level”
– Tatiana, Russian Student 2012

“I did enjoy the course very much. This course was new to me. I found it interesting and very informative. The sequence was adequate and the topics chosen were in good order. With online study we had many internet lines drop out. Apart from this, the course was well organised and well delivered.”
– Pimphaka Turton, Rare Languages student 2012

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I found it engaging, challenging and pleasantly interactive. The course very well met my expectations as it was well structured and definitely provided me with tools to apply in real-life working situations. The course content was informative and well explained, especially in regards to concepts and terminology. I also found the provided advice and sources on how to find precise information when needed very useful.”
– Sandra Tavares, Portuguese Student 2012

“…my tutor has dealt with all my queries in an excellent manner (…) I consider the Polish tutor a very experienced and knowledgeable interpreter.”
– Piotr, Polish Student 2011

“My tutor has been extremely helpful and ready to answer, even the smallest query I may have had.”
– Christiana, Greek Student 2011

“Everything was straightforward, from the user-friendly website when booking the course to the delivery of it. I felt confident and well prepared when taking the DPSI exams (…) Tutor seems to be an expert interpreter and translator. He was very dedicated to our group.”
– Gabriella, Spanish Student 2011

“The tutor was very supportive, and worked well with me and with the time allocated.”
– Huda, Arabic Student 2011

“Great that the DPSI is offered as a distance learning option online. A high standard course with the convenience of learning from the comfort of your home (…) It was very enjoyable and I always looked forward to each session. Apart from the syllabus modules, extra materials were provided and internet links recommended. All very useful and helpful. The best dictionaries were recommended and specialist materials which will always be a source of information for future reference. (…) In a small group of three there was an opportunity to ask questions and some time to discuss queries even in a fairly short lesson. Support was always there should you need it but it is inevitable that distance learning focuses on self-motivation, discipline and organisation.”
– Joanna, Polish Student 2011

“Very experienced tutor and a pleasure to work with…”
– Natalia, Polish Student 2011

“I have to admit I feel more confident, though at the beginning I wasn’t sure if I was ready for all this. I had a great tutor, she helped me a lot, thank you again for making this course possible.”
– Alice, Romanian Student 2010

The tutor was excellent (…) I really appreciate the fact that you found a tutor who was happy to take only 1 student. Thank you, Helena!”
– Barbara, Slovak Student 2010

DipTrans Preparatory Courses

What our students say about our DipTrans Online preparatory courses

Name: Cait
Course: DipTrans
Language: German
Date: November 2018

“I quite enjoyed the course. It was good preparation for the exam and forced me to do regular practice and preparation. It fully met my expectations – 10/10.

The feedback on my written assignments was always constructive, extensive and useful. I was very happy with the tutor’s level of expertise. She was always very well prepared and put a lot of thought into her feedback and in what topics to cover during the tutorial. She shared her own experience of preparing for the exam and as a professional translator with years of experience, which was always helpful. I always received prompt answers to enquiries or messages left in the forum and the written feedback on assignments was always sent within around two days.

Yes, absolutely. Having a dedicated language tutor throughout the course was useful.”

 Name: Elena
Course:  DipTrans Resit Course
Language: Russian
Date: September 2018

“I massively enjoyed the course. The tutor was very professional and helpful and I feel I hugely benefited from taking these classes. I especially liked the individual approach that allowed to focus on my specific goals and discuss the questions I had in details. As a result, I felt very confident and well-prepared during the exam. Thank you so much!”

Name: Student
Course:  DipTrans
Language: French into English
Date: January 2018

“The course was better than I expected. I was very wary of an online course but am now glad that they pulled the Westminster University course I was enrolled on, as I feel I got far more for my money than if I had been in a full class of people. 9/10

Phil Muriel is a wonderful teacher of course. Very professional and clearly very accomplished. I would not hesitate to recommend him. I will book him again before I retry the DipTrans exam next year too.  I feel very secure in my recommendations of him. I usually only complain so when I do the opposite people listen!”

Name: Sara
Course: DipTrans
Language: Italian
Date: September 2017

“I really enjoyed doing the course as it gave me an idea of what to expect from the exam. My tutor was excellent. She always replied very quickly, she advised me not only regarding the exam but also regarding the profession of translator in general, and that was very useful. I’m really glad she was my tutor.”

Name: Katarzyna Owen
Course:  DipTrans
Language: Polish
Date: February 2017

“The course was very enjoyable and offered me a variety of activities/texts from different specialities. Whenever I had any questions there was always someone there to assist me. I would rate it as 9/10.

My tutor was simply brilliant. All her feedback was very detailed, allowed me to focus on the areas which I needed to improve and motivated me to practice more. I felt that my tutor had an extensive knowledge in many subjects and was able to advise me very well. She answered all my questions about the assignments and also about other topics which relate to translator’s job. I feel that thanks to my tutor’s advice and expertise I have made progress. I enjoyed every single Skype session we had, I feel she devoted enough time to discuss the texts in detail. She replied to all my messages very quickly. I could not have wished for a better tutor.

Yes, it was very useful. It was fantastic to receive a professional opinion of an experienced translator. It was very helpful and benefited my learning.

I am very satisfied with the course and my tutor. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Name: Ana
Course:  DipTrans
Language: Spanish
Date:March 2016

“I enjoyed this course a lot. It met my expectations and I would rate it a 9/10.

I was very much satisfied with the feedback on my written assignments. My tutor sent me very detailed review reports with very useful comments and suggestions. During the classes, the tutor’s feedback was explained in detail and he answered efficiently any doubts. I found it very useful to have a dedicated language tutor throughout the course.”

“Yes, I would absolutely recommend the DipTrans Online Preparatory Course”

Name: Matteo
Course:  DipTrans
Language: English into Italian
Date: December 2016

“This course was above my expectations, I enjoyed it very much.

I was very satisfied with the feedback I received. Tutoring was excellent. She was kind with me, a very nice person and, above all, extremely competent and professional. It was essential to have a dedicated language tutor throughout the course.

I would recommend this course to a friend or colleague without hesitation.”



“Well, I enjoyed it as I love translating and your organisation was brilliant, but sometimes either my own deadlines or pressure made me feel a bit anxious. I enjoyed as well the conversations with the tutor about the texts translated. To be honest, the DipTrans course has surpassed my expectations. The tutor you provided me was BRILLIANT, very exigent and professional, and as I said before, your organisation and your “customer care” was very good. Of course it is. I don’t have any doubt about it, as I work eleven hours per day in a completely different job (not related with translations) and I could finish it having learnt and improved my skills as a future professional translator. I think my English tutor is a very good professional and an excellent teacher. I am very happy to have had him as a mentor. Very satisfied as my tutor not only corrected my mistakes but also told me my good points. He always encouraged me to improve and advised me how to do it. 10 out of 10. Very happy. It was very good. I am very satisfied… It was very useful as I could improve little details I hadn’t been able to otherwise. I hope I pass my exams.” – Maria Carmen, Spanish Student 2013

“Very pleasant, exceed my expectations. I have learnt a lot. Expertise 100% and very supportive. Very efficient, prompt responses. The tutor was very professional, friendly, and highly educated. I am very grateful she shared some of her knowledge with me. I was very happy.” – Martina Thomas, Slovak Student 2013

“The course was well organised and accessible. Sandra and other members of the administrative staff were friendly and efficient. My language tutor Albina made the whole course utterly enjoyable with her personal approach and fun, educational sessions which catered for my needs and met my expectations. I was very pleased that I went down the on-line course route, having tried previously evening classes at University. Results exceeded my expectations, because I did not anticipate the level of personal support that you get from your tutor (texts checked by professionals AND a Skype tutorial to really iron out the details) – brilliant! I am happy with my progress and feel reasonably confident before the exam, so 10 out of 10! Yes! I particularly enjoyed the “grown up” approach that is so important for adult learners. You can pick up the date and time of the tutorial to suit you and your tutor (Skype is certainly the way forward!). I was able to ask questions and receive very professional answers and opinions not only about the exam, but also about work as a freelance translator and the choices I have moving forward in the new career. I was very lucky with my tutor as we established a very good rapport right from the start. She was very approachable, flexible, professional and encouraging. At any given time I felt and was reassured that I am making good progress. I was involved in professional , friendly discussion and I was able to express my opinions and justify my choices very openly. Albina was very positive and encouraging, which is the most important for confidence building. Her experience and expertise mainly lay in the area of legal interpreting, but she was very confident and meticulous in assessing written work… I was pleasantly surprised how well the course met my needs – coaching for the Dip Trans exam was … flexible and professional. I would recommend it to anyone. There was an occasional hiccup with the type of texts I was send, confusion with Unit 2 and 3, but it was speedily rectified. I also think that on-line advertising is not going far enough to state that this type of courses (as opposed to evening/daytime university/college classes) provide much greater flexibility and a truly personal approach that is designed around you and you only. It meets your personal needs perfectly.” – Mrs Elena Lewis-Grey, Russian Student 2013

“As it was an online course firstly I was worried not to benefit from it as much as from a traditional face-to-face course. However, Marta created a great learning environment and facilitated our Skype sessions with ease catering to all my needs. She had a keen eye for details and provided me with clear and specific feedback, showing me ways for further progress (…) I would also like to thank Sandra who was facilitating the whole process and choosing texts best suited to my needs.” – Kasia Pranke, Polish Student – 2013

I enjoyed it always 100%. The course met my expectations. I am very happy with the expertise of my tutor.” – Chamritski Irina, Russian Student 2012

“I’d hoped to gain skills that I could use working as a professional translator and the course has helped to achieve this. I had clear and inspiring feedback from my tutor. Thank you for a great course!” – Agnes Balmer, Hungarian Student 2012

“I enjoyed the course very much and looked forward to my weekly assignments and feedback sessions. I worked extremly well with my tutor and found that the feedback sessions through Skype were the best format for me. Having enrolled on a similar course years ago, I found that receiving “corrections/feedback” through a written document instead made retaining what I did well and not so well during my practice more difficult. I found the DipTrans Online flexible enough for me. I was able to arrange regular feedback sessions with my tutor or reschedule when needed. But this did not happen very often, as my tutor was very well organized and could tell me with plenty of notice when he would be available. I was always provided with in-depth explanations about my work. The tutor made also very clear the difference between something that was just a suggestion and something that was instead wrong and would have counted as a mistake in an exam situation. I had no problem in receiving an answer to any query either from my tutor or from the DipTrans organizers.”
– Stefania Greci, Italian Student 2012

“I have really enjoyed this course. The course gave me an overview of the types of texts I will have to translate in the exam. It has been a challenge for me and I felt highly motivated to read and do some research on areas and topics I wasn’t acquainted with. I consider it an excellent preparation course as the texts cover the different areas and subject matters. Having a tutor and online classes has been extremely useful for me since I’ve been able to discuss terminology and ask questions related to the exam itself. I’ve been able to do the course and continue my daily routine without any problems. Feedback on the assignments was complete, with clear explanations about the terminology and grammar, and also included other options for the translation I provided which I found highly useful. I am deeply grateful to my tutor Ricardo for his kindness, help and support during the course. He answered all my questions, shared his vast knowledge and provided me with sound advice.” – Sonia Caballero, Spanish Student 2012

“I am more than satisfied with the feedback and in this short space of time I have truly learnt a great deal. My tutor, Francoise Vignon, is a gem! Her enthusiasm and commitment amazed me. She has given me invaluable advice on all aspects of this work, from typography, to web links, and massive encouragement. She has shared all the tricks of the trade with me, withholding nothing, and I am truly grateful for her impressive work. A great professional! Although I am sure Francoise is a busy person, she has made herself available at all times, answered all my mails within the day, dealing with difficult net connections calmly and patiently. Francoise is my mirror-opposite, living as a French person in the UK for 30 years, as I have been living in France, as an English person for the same amount of time. This encounter has been of great help to me.” – Alison Mcmillan, French Student 2012