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This course prepares candidates for the Level 6 DPSI Law exams. 

It is suitable for experienced interpreters who wish to become qualified in legal settings to be able to work in areas of the criminal justice system in the UK including the courts, police, prisons, probation, and immigration services.

What You Will Learn

You will be introduced to the English legal system and the legal system of the other language country as well as the types of assignments interpreters can be called in for.

The lessons will support you in learning the necessary legal vocabulary and processes within each system to build confidence to tackle the DPSI Law exam. 

During your practice sessions, the language tutor will provide specific feedback and highlight how to improve your consecutive/simultaneous skills, as well as sight and written translations.

Course Syllabus

Types of Crime

Police Powers & Procedures

Civil & Criminal Courts

Probation & Prisons Services


Civil & Family Law

Local Government

Ethics & CPD

Setting up as a Freelancer

Course Options

Student Testimonials

After successfully completing CI online course with Helena, I decided to do DPSI Law straight away as I really liked the way how the CI course was presented. I found all learning materials to be useful and easy to study. It helped me to understand better and in depth UK Law structure and how to create my own glossary that I’ve used to prep for the exams. Additional to main learning material there are lots of extra resources, links and videos for extra practicing.

As a result - I passed all 5 units of the DPSI Law exam in one go! The fact that I could do exams online directly with DPSI Online was absolute convenience for me and, I’m sure, for everyone who feels nervous during f2f exams or can’t travel to exam centres.

Luda LunnDPSI Law Past Student - Language: Russian

I am more than happy with the course and the support I have received. I truly believe DPSI Online is the best course provider. It is hard but at the end of the course, you know you are prepared and ready for your job assignments. My tutor Nina Boteva was absolutely amazing, She gave me lots of knowledge and support. I can not say thank you enough.

This is the second time I am choosing DPSI Online, and if I have to choose again I will choose DPSI Online again without a doubt.

Diyana DichevaDPSI Law Past Student - Language: Bulgarian

The course gave me all the necessary information that I needed not only to pass the exam, but most importantly, to use in real life, when I started working in a legal setting. Fast forward a few years, and I am now one of the tutors, which I also really enjoy. Being a tutor is extremely fulfilling, as I can not only help the students with my experience and expertise acquired along the years but it’s also nice to see them progress and improve their skill during the course. The course is very well structured, it follows the exam patterns and it has all the materials needed with the added bonus of an experienced tutor to help the students and give them honest feedback. I thoroughly recommend DPSI Online courses.

Lidia CarneyDPSI Law Past Student - Language: Portuguese

Excellent course. The course materials and assignments were Extremely useful. My tutor was great and very experienced. In fact, having sessions with the tutor is vital to achieve good results.

Elisa CorsoDPSI Law Past Student - Language: Italian

I was honoured to have the chance to attend this course. I have learned new information which enabled me to have a better understanding of the Criminal Justice System. All the extra materials were useful. The 12 sessions with the tutor enabled me to develop my consecutive and simultaneous interpreting skills. The tutor was amazing, helping me with any extra material or information I needed. She was very supportive, patient and helped me all the time. I managed to write my own glossary with the help of the tutor and everytime I asked her about a new term she was there to help me with the translation of it. The course was well structured and easy to understand. A very complex course. Thank you.

Catalina OaneaDPSI Law Past Student - Language: Romanian

I enjoyed taking the course, thank you.
The lessons were very useful giving plenty of detail for the respective modules.
The course content was well explained and lessons were set out logically. I found the assignments particularly helpful. The practice of timing and content ensures you are used to the speed expected in the exam. I think it is really important to have a dedicated language tutor throughout the course. I would definitely recommend the course.

Christopher CordreyDPSI Law Past Student - Language: Mandarin Chinese

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