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This course prepares candidates for the Level 6 DPSI Health exams. 

It is suitable for experienced interpreters who wish to become qualified in medical and healthcare settings to be able to work in GP practices, healthcare clinics, public and private hospitals, and nursing homes.

What You Will Learn

You will be introduced to the English healthcare system and the healthcare system of the other language country as well as the types of assignments interpreters can be called in for.

The lessons will support you in learning the necessary medical terminology and understanding the healthcare service structure to build confidence to tackle the DPSI Health exam. 

During your practice sessions, the language tutor will provide specific feedback and highlight how to improve your consecutive/simultaneous skills, as well as sight and written translations.

Course Syllabus

Structure of the NHS and health professionals

Sexual health and pregnancy

The human body (3 modules)

Oncology and palliative care

Mental health

Private and Alternative healthcare

Student Success Stories

The writing style is easy to understand. Each section is not too long, making the whole thing easy to read. I have had the chance to work in projects in areas of expertise that are relevant to Ophthalmology, Optometry, Dermatology and Rheumatology. The content is provided in multiple formats such as online information that you can read and videos as well. Finally, I believe the information offered is high-quality.

Eva Maria Callejas MenendezDPSI Health Past Student

A very well structured and detailed content with a lot of advice and feedback during tutor sessions. A lot of advice about the exam and how to embrace this new career.

Marie-Francoise MillsDPSI Health Past Student

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