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Suitable for candidates who have failed one or two units of the DipTrans exam and are planning to resit.

Available in the following formats:

10 sessions: to resit 1-2 units. (£525)

5 sessions: to resit 1 unit or specialisation only. (£325)

What You Will Learn

Your course will be personalised to the unit(s) you wish to resit.

During each Skype tutorial, your tutor will provide oral feedback on your translations, allowing you to improve your technique, word accuracy, and readability.

Student Testimonials

Overall, I rate this course as Very Good. It was very easy to complete this course from home and the structure of the course was clear and effective. Very pleased with the way in which my tutor Phil gave feedback and discussed my work, enabling me to hone my skills as a translator, specifically for the DipTrans exam.

Jennifer MilneFrench into English

Very good course. I would highly recommend it.

My tutor Phil Muriel was excellent. You could tell he was an experienced interpreter and translator who also understood what the examiner would be looking for. I highly recommend him.

Joe FarrenFrench into English

I was very satisfied with this course. Marta is a fantastic teacher - very helpful, patient and experienced. She was very understanding and flexible when it came to scheduling our skype feedback sessions.

Sylwia LutekEnglish into Polish

I massively enjoyed the course. The tutor was very professional and helpful and I feel I hugely benefited from taking these classes. I especially liked the individual approach that allowed to focus on my specific goals and discuss the questions I had in details. As a result, I felt very confident and well-prepared during the exam. Thank you so much!

Elena VainaResit Course: English into Russian

Course Enrolment Options

10 sessions for £525

5 sessions for £325

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