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    This is a one-to-one practical course, available in:

    English into all languages


    Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish into English.

    About the DipTrans The DipTrans is a postgraduate-level professional qualification (level 7) that is widely recognised as the international standard for anyone wanting to become a freelance translator. Passing the exam and obtaining this diploma entitles you to:

    • Improved work prospects;
    • Use the DipTrans title after your name.
    Course dates
    • Enrolments are open all year-round;
    • This course is to be completed within 10 – 12 weeks;
    • We recommend enrolling in September to prepare for the January exams.
    About this course This course is a 10-session online practical course, suitable for experienced translators who are planning to sit the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL) DipTrans exams, in order to become qualified translators:

    • It includes completing 10 written translation assignments and receiving feedback by a qualified tutor in your language combination and direction;
    • It allows you to study in your own time and around your commitments if you cannot attend a face-to-face course.

    Other options available:

    Course content
    • 10 translation assignments covering the 3 exam units: 4 general papers and 6 semi-specialised papers (see topics below);
    • 10 Skype tutorials of 30 minutes to receive feedback on these translation assignments by a qualified and experienced tutor in your language combination;
    • Certificate of Completion* (100% requirement for coursework submission and attendance).

    * Completion certificate is not a qualification in itself.

    Course requirements
    • Excellent writing skills in your native language and near-native skills in your other language;
    • Professional translation experience and discipline for autonomous learning;
    • Internet access and the latest version of Skype.
    Course Price £495
    Exam information The exam is booked directly with the CIoL and is divided into three units:

    • Unit 01: General translation
    • Unit 02: Semi-specialised translation (A: Technology, B: Business, C: Literature)
    • Unit 03: Semi-specialised translation (D: Science, E: Social Science, F: Law)

    Please note that you will have to choose one option for each of the semi-specialised texts on the exam day.

    Need more information? Check our FAQs, read our student testimonials or visit the CIoL exam page for further details.

    Please contact us if you still have any questions.

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    Pre-Course Translation Evaluation Service £45

    If you would like to know whether you are at the right level to take part in the DipTrans course, we offer an evaluation service. You will translate a text and a qualified and experienced tutor will mark it according to the NQF Level 7 as used by the CIoL.

    To proceed, please choose one of the following language direction options: