Spoken English for Interpreters


About this course This intensive 6-week course aims to develop interpreter’s spoken English skills so that they can communicate effectively and achieve accuracy when interpreting. It addresses pronunciation, diction, sentence structure as well as oral and written grammatical issues.
Course Schedule
  • 11th April → 18th May
  • 6th June → 13th July

Classes take place on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Class times: 6 pm – 7:30 pm

Course Content Includes:

  • 18 hrs with a Native-English Teacher (3 hrs per week)
  • Materials to complete outside of lessons. These include: videos, quizzes, worksheets, assignments.
  • Assignments to present in class.

You will:

  • Study subjects that are relevant to the various settings in which interpreters work: Health, Education, Immigration and Employment.
  • Improve knowledge of specialised terminology.
  • Develop public speaking skills in order to express yourself confidently with little hesitation when searching for terms or expressions.
  • Improve pronunciation and fluency through feedback during class discussions, presentations and other activities.
  • Speak with Professional Working Proficiency. Someone at this proficiency level has fairly extensive vocabulary and can communicate fluidly with clients and employers at a good speed.
Course requirements
  • Must be an interpreter or aspiring interpreter
  • Ability to conduct self-study
  • Fast internet access and a Zoom account for your weekly sessions
  • Headphones and microphone (we suggest the Sennheiser PC8 USB)
Course price £180 

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