DipTrans Resit Course

This is a one-to-one practical course, available in:

English into all languages


Arabic, French, Italian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish into English.

Who is this course for? This online course is suitable for candidates who have failed one or more units and are planning to re-take the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL) DipTrans exams.

This practical preparatory course allows you to study in your own time and around your commitments if you cannot attend a face-to-face course.

How long is the course? The DipTrans Resit Course is available in one of the following formats:

• A 10 session course that can be completed within 12 weeks (if you need to resit more than one unit or specialisations)
• A 5 session course that can be completed within 6 weeks (if you need to resit one unit or specialisation only)

What do I need? Professional translation experience and discipline for autonomous learning
• Internet access and the latest version of Skype
What will I learn? • Your dedicated language tutor will guide you to hone your translation skills and improve your own research skills
• Your tutor will mark your work according to the NQF Level 7
• You will practise translating texts in the particular topics of your chosen unit(s)
• You will be empowered with the necessary knowledge and techniques to tackle the DipTrans exam
What will I receive during the course? • Access to our Students Area – our course platform that enables you to access all of your  course materials and submit all your coursework online
• 5 or 10 translation assignments covering your chosen units
• 5 or 10 Skype tutorials (of 30 minutes) to receive feedback on each translation from a qualified and experienced tutor in your language combination who will give you guidance and explore your strengths and weaknesses;
• Certificate of completion (with a mandatory attendance of 100%)
What topics are covered? The CIoL DipTrans exam is divided into three units:

• Unit 01: General translation
• Unit 02: Semi-specialised translation (A: Technology, B: Business, C: Literature)
• Unit 03: Semi-specialised translation (D: Science, E: Social Science, F: Law)

This course will be personalised to the Units you wish to resit.

When can I enrol?
Enrolments are open all year to suit every student’s availability.

The CIoL DipTrans exam is held in January of each year.

What will it cost? £495 (10 sessions) or £295 (5 sessions)

Need more information? Check our FAQs, read our student testimonials or visit the CIoL exam page for further details.

Please contact us if you still have any questions.

Step 1: ApplicationStep 2: Tutor ConfirmationStep 3: Course Fee
Fill out and submit the application form to register your details for the course.
We will contact you to confirm that a tutor can take you on within 3-5 business days.
After a tutor is confirmed for you, you will be directed to proceed with the course fee by credit/debit card via PayPal or by BACS. After your payment is cleared, we’ll be in touch with everything you need to get started on your course.