Our Courses

DPSI Online offers online training for beginner, intermediate and advanced-level interpreters and translators.

Improve your skills and get qualified by learning from the comfort of your own home. You will be taught by experienced professionals who are qualified interpreters working in your language combination. Below are all the online training options we offer to help you become a qualified interpreter or translator.

Community Interpreting Courses:

Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting

A 12-week course. Suitable for candidates who have no experience in interpreting, or have interpreted for friends or relatives in the community, and are interested in becoming qualified.

Level 6 Diploma in Community Interpreting

A 6-9 month course. Suitable for candidates who have completed Level 3 or Level 4 in Community Interpreting and wish to become qualified to work with the courts, the police, in complex areas of healthcare and in general business settings.

Level 4 Interpreting for Victims of Crime

NEW! Available from March 2020; register your interest now!

A national qualification, exclusive to DPSI Online with Helena El Masri, where over 8 weeks you will learn about interpreting for victims and survivors of violent crime, domestic and child abuse, torture and modern slavery.

Introduction to Interpreting

NEW!  Available from February 2020; register your interest now!

A taster course that helps linguists get started in the public service interpreting profession and offers the opportunity to explore the role of the interpreter in community, legal and health settings. Serves as a stepping stone in providing the foundations necessary to train as a community or public service interpreter at level 3 or higher.


Level 6 Diploma in Public Service Interpreting Courses:

DPSI Law Diploma in Public Service Interpreting

An 8-month course. Suitable for candidates who wish to become qualified legal interpreters in order to work in the criminal justice system in the UK, including the courts, probation, prison, immigration and local government services.

DPSI Health Diploma in Public Service Interpreting

An 8-month course. Suitable for candidates who wish to become qualified health interpreters in order to work in the medical and healthcare settings.

DPSI Law Course for Rare Languages

An 8-month course. Suitable for candidates who speak a language of lesser diffusion also known as a Rare Language, or who wish to sit the DPSI Law exam in languages where there are no preparatory courses available.

DPI Diploma in Police Interpreting

A 14-week course. Suitable for candidates who live in London and wish to work with the Metropolitan Police (as the DPI replaces the Metropolitan Police Test).

DPSI Law/Health One-to-One Tutoring

8-month course. Suitable for interpreters who wish to work in areas of the law or health who already have adequate interpreting experience but need to improve their knowledge of specialised terminology with one-to-one tutor feedback before attempting the DPSI exams.

DPSI Law Self-Study

NEW! Available from January 2020. Aimed at external candidates who wish to sit the exam either online with us or at one of the CIoL exam centres. Accredited by TQUK with mock-exam availability prior to sitting the exam online with us. This will increase your chances of passing this demanding exam and ultimately gaining the DPSI Law Qualification.

DPSI Law/Health Resits

A 3-month course. Suitable for those who need to resit more than one unit of the DPSI exam and need extra one-to-one support to practice.


Level 7 Translation Courses:

DipTrans Diploma in Translation

A a one-to-one practical 3-month course. Suitable for experienced translators who are planning to sit the DipTrans exams in order to become qualified.

Foundation Course in Translation

A 1-year course comprising of three study terms. Suitable for bilingual candidates with little to no translation experience. It combines translation theory and techniques with translation practice to prepare beginners for the DipTrans exams.

DipTrans Resits

A 6 or 12 week one-to-one practical online preparatory course, available in two formats. Suitable for those who need to resit one or more DipTrans exam units.