ACIS – The Association of Community Interpreters

ACIS – The Association of Community Interpreters

DPSI Online founder Helena el Masri has officially launched the UK’s first association of community interpreters.

Translators, linguists and public service interpreters have been well-represented in the UK by a few associations over the decades. After the CIoL, APCI was established in 1974, the ITI followed in 1986 and then the NRPSI was born as a regulator after an enquiry. Conference interpreters are represented by AIIC UK & Ireland.

Over the years at DPSI Online, we have grown increasingly aware of the lack of support or representation for community interpreters. Thus in 2020, ACIS was reborn with a clear mission: to represent the interests of community interpreters and to develop, promote and safeguard high professional standards in the field of community interpreting. The association aims to bring awareness to all service providers of the importance of using qualified community interpreters. As well as paying fair rates and promoting better working conditions and to advise on any policy development applicable to community interpreting. For this reason, a directory has been created on the ACIS website which is visible and searchable by service providers to ensure the hiring of qualified and vetted interpreters.

Holders of the Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting can register their interest to join this directory by sending an email to The Admissions Committee will invite all those interested to attend an interview from March 2021.

Full ACIS members have access to FREE continuous professional development events and resources. For more information please visit:

If you have any membership questions don’t hesitate to contact the team at ACIS. We are calling on all community interpreters to join this association to support our interests and promote high professional standards in this field.