Meet the Team

Helena El Masri – Founder, DPSI Online

Helena is a DPSI qualified interpreter with 18 years experience. She has been teaching the DPSI preparatory courses since 2000 and trained the interpreters registered with the Home Office between 2002 and 2006. She took the DPSI Portuguese/English Law and Diploma in Translation English <> Portuguese exams through the CIoL in 1998 and 2001 respectively. She is a qualified Paralegal/Legal Secretary, and she worked as a legal secretary for several years in Portugal.

She is also a Freelance Translator English <> Portuguese (Legal, Technical & General fields), a telephone interpreter, Police & Court Interpreter in the South East, and she is the author & publisher of the Glossary for Public Service Interpreters (now available in 11 languages). Helena teaches the CI Online courses, the DPSI Online Portuguese (Law & Health), the Rare Languages course as well as the DipTrans Online EN<>Portuguese. Helena is registered on the NRPSI, is a member of the CIoL, ATA, Critical Link and the President of ACIS – Association of Community Interpreters.   


Diana Coada – DPSI Coordinator, DPSI Online

Diana is a qualified translator, court and conference interpreter. She assisted DPSI Online with customer service and project development between 2015-2017, and now collaborates with the team as a consultant. Diana holds the DPSI Law diploma, a first class BA in Translating and Interpreting and a Postgraduate Diploma in Conference Interpreting, and is the author of the Introduction to Public Service Interpreting in the UK e-book available on our website. She specialises in the public service, local government and international development fields. She headed the UK Chapter of the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI) between 2012-2016 and regularly organised IAPTI UK Chapter professional development events in Manchester for translators and interpreters. She was also on the organising committee for IAPTI’s First International Conference in London in 2013.


Phil Muriel – French DPSI Law & Health Tutor; DipTrans Tutor and Community Interpreting Tutor

Phil Muriel is an experienced and highly qualified interpreter/translator, holder of the Diploma in Translation (Law/Business), the DPSI in Law and the DPSI in Health. Phil is also an experienced lecturer and qualified tutor (PGCE).  With 17 years’ experience as an interpreter Phil has trained over 200 candidates to qualify as Community and DPSI interpreters, having been awarded the Nuffield trophy for the best DPSI class result in the UK in 2011. His extensive experience as a community, medical and court interpreter means students are rewarded with a wealth of information and first-hand knowledge that is invaluable to in turn become a professional interpreter themselves. Phil has also successfully mentored students preparing for the Dip Trans exam, sharing with them his 10 years’ experience as a legal translator.

RMartinezPerales_Picture_Cropped Ricardo Martínez Perales – Spanish DPSI Law and DipTrans Tutor

Ricardo Martínez Perales has been translating, interpreting and lecturing since 1990, both in the UK and Spain. After becoming an Intérprete Jurado (sworn public translator and interpreter) in 1991, he worked full-time as translator and reviser in the European Union CORDIS project between 1997-2000. As a lecturer he taught at the Escuela de Traductores e Intérpretes in Madrid in the 1990s and since 2008 Ricardo has been responsible for the English-Spanish language pair of the Legal Translation MA at City University.

MAN Chien T1

Chien-Shan Tsai – Mandarin DPSI Law Tutor

Chien is a freelance interpreter and translator from Taiwan with a Bachelor in Business Administration. After moving to the UK, she gained an MA in Translation Studies from the University of Sheffield in 2007 and the DPSI Law diploma in 2010. She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the National Register of Public Service Interpreters.


RO Diana SDiana Singureanu – Romanian DPSI Law and DipTrans Tutor

Diana is a qualified teacher and translator. She is registered with the Chartered Institute of Linguists, the Institute of Translation & Interpreting and the NRPSI. In Romania, she is registered as a Sworn Translator authorized by the Ministry of Justice. She has 6 years of translation experience and holds a BA in English and French Language and Literature, a Masters Degree in Translation Studies from London Metropolitan University, and also holds the DPSI Law diploma. She has also recently received her Masters in Conference Interpreting from London Metropolitan University. Diana has been tutoring students for DPSI Online since 2010.

Lídia Carney – Portuguese DPSI Law and DipTrans Tutor

Lídia is a qualified translator and a legal interpreter, working in the UK since 2006. She obtained the DPSI Law diploma in 2007 and the DipTrans diploma in 2010. Lídia also started working as a conference interpreter in 2009. She is a Registered Public Service Interpreter (RPSI), a full member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (MCIL) and a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (MITI).

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Manuela Castelo – Italian DPSI Law & DPSI Health Tutor
Manuela holds a Masters in Translation with Language Technology (French and Italian) from Swansea University and started her freelance career as an interpreter and translator in 2006. In 2011 she obtained the DPSI Law diploma. She is an NRPSI member, a full member of the CIoL and an Associate of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. Manuela is on the UKBA panel as a French and Italian interpreter and also serves as an assessor and examiner for the CIoL in the Italian and French languages.

AR Mona W 1Mona Whitbread – Arabic DPSI Law Tutor

Mona studied Business and Sociology at the American University of Beirut. In 2003, she moved to the UK, retrained as an interpreter at City College in Birmingham and qualified in June 2005 with the DPSI Law diploma. She later qualified as an English/Arabic translator having passed the DipTrans exam in 2007. As a trainer and interpreting tutor she has worked in 2009 and 2010 with the Arabic interpreters registered with Coventry City Council and prepared them for the DPSI Law exams. Mona is also an ESOL teacher and tutors Arabic speaking students in Coventry secondary schools, preparing them for their GCSE and A levels exams in Arabic.

Picture of me 2Gülay Eskikaya – Turkish DPSI Law Tutor

Gülay was born in Turkey and was raised and educated in the UK. She now has two feet placed firmly in both countries. After graduating from university in the UK, she embarked on a career in print and broadcast journalism in Istanbul, and was International Relations Manager at two Turkish environmental NGOs, including Turkey’s largest environmental organization, the TEMA Foundation. She has worked extensively as a public service interpreter in the UK and now runs Turkish North which provides interpreting, translation, language tuition and cultural consultancy services to UK and Turkish companies. She holds a joint honours degree in English Literature/Language and Italian from the University of Leeds, the DPSI Law diploma, and is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

Lídia Carney – Portuguese DPSI Law and DipTrans Tutor

Lídia is a qualified translator and a legal interpreter, working in the UK since 2006. She obtained the DPSI Law diploma in 2007 and the DipTrans diploma in 2010. Lídia also started working as a conference interpreter in 2009. She is a Registered Public Service Interpreter (RPSI), a full member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (MCIL) and a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (MITI).


Aneta Turner – Czech DPSI Law Tutor

Aneta is a DPSI Law-qualified interpreter, having obtained the diploma in 2008. She has been teaching the DPSI preparatory course since 2012 and has worked for Lancashire Constabulary for more than 3 years as a police community support officer (PCSO). Aneta is also a TEFL-qualified tutor and is a member of the CIOL, the ITI and the NWTN.

A Denby

Andrea Denby – Hungarian DPSI Law Tutor

Andrea is a Hungarian-English interpreter and translator with over ten years experience and a legal interpreter with more than eight years experience. She has a thorough academic and legal education, having completed a PhD at UCL in 2006 and studied English law at the University of Westminster until 2012. She teaches translation, acts as a marker for the DPSI Online Community Interpreting students and is a DPSI Law IoLET examiner. Andrea is a member of the NRPSI and the APCI.

Albina Homer – Russian DPSI Law TutorAlbina iphone 108

Albina was born in the former Republic of East Germany and spent her early childhood growing up first in Tbilisi and then Yerevan. After resettling in Russia, she completed her education in teaching and modern languages (English and German), and worked as a translator and interpreter since 1991. Having later settled in England, she gained the DPSI Law diploma in 2010 and joined the NRPSI in 2011. Albina now works as a translator, interpreter and tutor, and provides language support to Russian visiting groups.

Afsaneh Ghashghaienia – Farsi DPSI Law Tutor

Afsaneh is a NRPSI Farsi Interpreter and Translator with 19 years’ experience. She has a DPSI in Law, the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal interpreting certificate, and is an official Metropolitan Police interpreter and translator. She is also a conference interpreter and she has been promoting for the provision of high standard community interpreting by social, legal and health care institutions since she started her career as a Bilingual Advocate in 1996. She has since carried out a number of workshops and training programs within the private and public sector, including the Ministry of Defence.

Marta Konieczna-Leigh – Polish DPSI Law Tutor

Marta is a qualified and accredited legal interpreter and translator with several years of professional experience and is registered with the National Register of Public Service Interpreters. Marta started as a Community Interpreter and trained for her DPSI Polish/English Law with Helena’s first distance learning course which led to passing her exam with distinctions in 2010. She has since also obtained the DPSI Health and the DipTrans Diplomas. In addition to her interpreting qualifications, she has also gained postgraduate qualifications in European Studies and Sociology in Poland and England.


Umber Qureshi – Urdu DPSI Law Tutor

Umber is a DPSI Law-qualified interpreter and a freelance translator with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and History. She is currently working as an MOJ interpreter within the Yorkshire area. After obtaining her Level 4 qualification in PTTLS and CTTLS, she has taught Community Interpreting Level 3 courses and DPSI courses at Bradford University, Bradford College and Leeds Beckett University and was awarded ‘Excellence in Teaching 2010/11’ by Bradford College.

Nil Okan Paniguian – Turkish DPI tutornil vesikalik 1

Nil is a Turkish Language Trainer at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, a lecturer at SOAS, King’s College, Metropolitan University and City University, and was a member of the Centre for Language Pedagogy at SOAS. She is also a Magistrate and has taught Turkish to Metropolitan Police officers. She holds the DPSI diploma and the MET Police test, and is a Fellow Member of the CIOL. She occasionally contributes to the Linguist Magazine. Nil has over 15 years’ interpreting experience, she also works as a translator and linguistic expert, and is a member of the NRPSI.

Magdalena Kozub – DPSI English/PolishMagda (1) Health Tutor

Magdalena received a BA in teaching English from the University of Poznań and in 2003 she received an MA in Translation from the University of Westminster. She passed the DPSI Health exam in 2006 and the Met Police Test in 2010. She regularly interprets at medical conferences and for the European Works Councils. Magdalena is a member of the NRPSI, the CIOL and the ITI Medical and Pharmaceutical Network.


Chao-Jung – Mandarin DPSI Health Tutor

Chao-Jung has over 10 years of experience in translation and interpreting. Her clients include both private and public sectors in the UK, academic and international clients. She holds BA in Pharmacy (from National Taiwan University), MA in Educational Studies, DPSI and completed her PhD specialised in social linguistics. She is also a trained advisor for Citizens Advice Bureau and has full status on National Register of Public Service Interpreters. Chao-Jung has a wide range of skills at her disposal and adheres to the highest professional standards.

Mariana Haladj-asminian – Spanish DPSI Health Tutor

Mariana was born and grew up in Argentina, in a family of Armenian heritage.  She holds a BA in Armenian Philology from the State University of Yerevan, Armenia. She is a qualified Spanish and Armenian interpreter who started her interpreting career in 2000, mostly in the medical field and in 2002 she qualified as a legal interpreter having passed the DPSI Law exam and the Metropolitan Police Test.  She is on the NRPSI and she has been teaching languages and legal interpreting since 2003 on the DPSI and DPI (former Met Test) preparatory courses in various institutions. Mariana also holds a PGCE in Lifelong Learning, qualifying her to teach adults.

Robert Leder

Robert Leder – German DipTrans Tutor

 Robert initially started his linguistic career in the German Armed Forces, where he worked with Russian and English. He then attended the Sprachen-und Dolmetscher-Institut in Munich, Germany and qualified as a translator. He has been working as a translator for 15 years now and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. He holds the DipTrans and is also a visiting lecturer at City University, London. In addition, he is a qualified teacher (English Secondary Education, QTS) and complements his linguistic activities by teaching German as a Foreign Language to the MoD and to adults in the corporate world.

Marta Stelmaszak – Polish DipTrans Tutor

Marta is a Polish translator and interpreter with a BA in Applied Translation. She also holds the DPSI Law and DipTrans diplomas. She is a member of the Management Committee of the Interpreting Division at the Chartered Institute of Linguists and runs the Business School for Translators, a blog for translators and interpreters with an entrepreneurial angle recently turned into an online course.

Stuart Wittering – French DipTrans Tutor

A graduate of the University of London, Stewart speaks French and Spanish. He has worked in translating, interpreting, teaching and tutoring languages for more than thirty years. In addition to one year-plus in France, he has spent five years in Latin America. He has been the editor of a Financial Times newsletter, has taught at university and is a published author, principally in business and technical areas, including bi-lingual technical dictionaries. He has also ghost-written for French and North-American research houses.

Jacqueline Edwards – Spanish > English DipTrans tutorJacqueline is a qualified interpreter and translator.  She has a BA (

Wales) in French & Spanish, and an MA (London) in Hispanic Studies – and professional qualifications in Spanish/English translation (DipTrans IoLET) and interpreting (DPSI).  During the 1990s she was Director of Translation Services at The University of Westminster, where she also prepared students for the DipTrans exam.  Prior to taking up that post she lived and worked in Spain for several years – and since leaving the University of Westminster she has worked as a freelance interpreter and translator.

Krisztina Pheby – Hungarian DipTrans Tutork pheby

Krisztina studied English and Media Communication and in the past decade she spent time living in Hungary, the UK, and Ireland, where she studied for a Master of Philosophy in Literary Translation at Trinity College Dublin. She has worked as a freelance translator since 2007 and has translated numerous books of fiction and non-fiction into Hungarian. Her translations into English appeared in the New Hungarian Quarterly. She has been an English tutor for 7 years and a DipTrans tutor with DPSI Online since 2012.