DPSI Course – English Law/Health Option – Resits

This course is available in most languages, including:

Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Farsi, French, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese,

Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu & more.

This is a one-to-one flexible course.

Who is this course for? This course is suitable for candidates who have applied directly to the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL) to resit a certain unit, or units, of the DPSI Law or Health exams.
What do I need? • Native and near-native level in both English and Other Language
• Experience of interpreting, research and autonomous learning
• To have sat the DPSI exam provided by the IOL before
• Reliable internet access and the latest version of Skype for your online tutorials.
What will I learn? • You will practice interpreting skills with a dedicated language tutor doing role-plays, sight translations and/or written translations according to the units you are resitting, which will be marked according to the NQF Level 6
• You will be empowered with necessary knowledge and techniques to tackle the DPSI examThe number of assignments during the 10 tutorials depend on the units chosen:

• Role Plays: 2 assignments per tutorial;
• Sight Translations: 4 assignments per tutorial;
• Translations: 2 assignments per tutorial.

What will I receive during the course? • Access to our Students Area – our course platform that enables you to access all the course materials and submit all your coursework online
• 10 tutorials and feedback on your assignments (according to the units chosen)
• Feedback from a qualified and experienced tutor in your language combination
• Complimentary copy of The Interpreters’ Manual upon completing the course
• Certificate of completion (with a mandatory attendance of 100%)
When can I enrol?
Course enrolment is open all year to suit every student’s availability, however it should be completed within 12 weeks of study.
What will it cost? £450

Need more information? Check our FAQs, read our student testimonials and visit the CIoL exam page for further details.

Please contact us if you still have any questions.

Step 1: ApplicationStep 2: Tutor ConfirmationStep 3: Course Fee
Fill in the application form to register your details for the course. Click here.
After submitting your application, we will contact you to confirm that a tutor can take you in.
After a tutor is confirmed for you, you will be directed to proceed with payment of the £450 course fee by credit/debit card via PayPal or by BACS. After your payment is cleared, we’ll be in touch with everything you need to get started on your course in the Students Area.