Level 6 Diploma in Community Interpreting 2017-2018


Please note this course is taught in English, therefore all language combinations are accepted! 

Is this course accredited? This course is regulated and accredited by Ofqual. Your certificate is awarded by TQUK upon successfully complying with all requirements and meeting all the criteria.
Who is this course for?
  • Students who have completed the Level 3 or Level 4 in Community Interpreting and wish to pursue this avenue in order to be qualified to work with the courts and police, or to develop their skills to work in more complex areas of healthcare, in the community in general, or in business settings.
  •  DPSI Law or Health holders who wish to complement their knowledge of other areas at level 6.
  •  Practising interpreters who have experience but still lack a qualification, or who have a foreign qualification in interpreting and wish to pursue a recognised UK qualification.
  • Candidates who prefer a more academic approach instead of an exam based qualification.
When does the course run? This course will allow you to study in your own time and around your commitments and will run in September and January every year.

  • This course will take approximately 6 to 9 months to complete, depending on how many hours per week you dedicate to your coursework. You can ask for an extension but your course needs to be complete within 1 year.
  • The Total Qualification Time for this qualification is minimum 400 hours.
  • Core classes take place on Skype and are combined with Other Language Assessments during the course.
Am I ready to start this course? The first step is to fill in the application form below. If you are shortlisted, you will take part in an interview and oral assessment over Skype to ensure you’re at the appropriate linguistic level to start the course. Interviews will take place the month preceding the start of the course.
What do I need?
  • Native and near-native levels in both English and the Other Language
  • Some interpreting experience (voluntary or otherwise)
  • Ability to conduct autonomous study (research and weekly assignments)
  • Reliable internet access and the latest version of Skype for online tutorials
What will I learn?
  • You will learn topics from 6 Mandatory Units, 2 Optional Units, and 2 Specialist Skills Units.
  • You will choose your Units and receive study materials and assignments to do in those chosen topics.
  • You will practice interpreting skills with a dedicated language tutor doing role-plays, sight translations and written translations from and into English, which will be assessed according to the criteria set by TQUK.
  • You will be empowered with the necessary knowledge and techniques to work as a professional community interpreter.
  • You will learn to research and build your own glossary, and assess your own work.
What will I receive during the course?
  • Access to our Students Area– our course platform that enables you to access all the course materials and submit all your coursework online.
  • Regular tutorials with a course tutor covering course topics, who will continuously assess you and give you guidance to enable you to meet the required criteria.
  • Supplementary study group sessions, which allow students to revise and prepare for tutorials and assessments.
  • A qualified and experienced tutor in your language combination with whom you will practice consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, sight translations and get feedback on your translations.
  • Reading materials and over 100 assignments.
  • Complimentary Glossary (if available in your language).
  • Complimentary copy of The Interpreters’ Manual upon completion of the course.
  • Certificate of Completion (if your attendance is above 85%).
What topics are covered? Mandatory Units:

  • Consecutive
  • Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Sight Translation
  • Ethics
  • CPD
  • Interpreting Technology

Optional Units (choose 2):

  • Interpreting in Court
  • Interpreting in Police
  • Interpreting in Health
  • Interpreting in Social Services
  • Interpreting in Education
  • Interpreting in Local Government
  • Interpret consecutively and simultaneously in Specialist Settings
  • Support interpreting through sight translations in Specialist Settings

Specialist Skills Units (choose 2):

  • Interpreting in Mental Health
  • Interpreting in Prison / Probation
  • Interpreting for Expert Witnesses in Court
  • Interpreting in Financial settings
  • Mentoring Skills for Interpreters
  • Welfare and stress management skills for interpreters
  • Supporting interpreting through draft written translations from and into English
What will it cost? £1390 (this course fee includes your native language assessments and the course certificate)

Need more information? Check our FAQs, read our student testimonials for further details or contact us if you still have any queries.

Step 1: ApplicationStep 2: Oral AssessmentStep 3: Course Fee
Fill in the application form to register your details for the course. Click here. As applications are open all year, you will receive instructions on how to proceed to the following step of the application process, which includes a 20 minute interview and interpreting role-play, in the months preceding the course. Due to the large number of enrolments we receive, all applications will be reviewed at the same time and only the strongest applicants will be selected.
The next step in your application process is the oral assessment. You’ll be directed to proceed with the payment of a non-refundable £20 fee to be able to book your time slot.
Upon successfully passing the oral assessment, you will be directed to proceed with the payment of the remainder of the course fee by credit/debit card via PayPal or by BACS. After your payment is cleared, we’ll be in touch with everything you need to get started on your course in the Students Area.